Eos: A Job for Danny Messier

A Job for Danny Messier

Locations: Eos, Elaaden, Kadara(?)

This named-but-untracked mission kicks off lakeside in Prodromos. A fresh-fraced young kid named Danny Messier will ask you for some career advice. No matter what you say, you'll wind up rescuing him from his choices.

The quest, unfortunately, is pretty buggy, and you might find him in places he shouldn't be yet, or trigger rescues while in the middle of other tasks. You may want to save this quest until after you've taken care of the other Eos tasks, particularly taking down the giant kett base after the radiation has cleared.

To rescue him from bugs, drive around the area directly south of Promise, past the ravine. You'll find a swarm of Shemrys, and Danny will appear as a green icon on your radar.

Kill all the bugs, and Danny will declare his next field of study.

To rescue him from the Remnant, drive to a Remnant ruin just south of a mineral deposit icon toward the southwest of Resilience.

He'll then talk about making first contact with the Kett. He'll be at the base on a ridge just below the huge Kett base at Sheartop (this is also the barracks you clear during Kett's Bane).

This is particularly buggy one- it's possible to encounter Danny here before you've even met him Prodromos, it's possible to trigger a save and have him be invisible, and it's possible to trigger and fail this one while fighting in the giant base above. Only the last prevents you from 'completing' this quest. After rescuing Danny he'll say he's going someplace safe, like Kadara. However, you'll actually find him drinking on Elaaden, in the Paradise.

This seems to be his final appearance in the game.

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