Eos: Lost Drones

Lost Drones

Location:Eos (post radiation recovery)

After the radiation clears on Eos, many new quests will populate in Prodromos. This is one, which you can get either by stumbling across a felled drone in the wild, or accessing a exclamation pointed terminal in town.

The drones show up clearly on your map, but you may have to hunt the area a bit when you get close. Once you do, scan them, then interact with them to set the beacon. Their locations are-

The Presson Dunes, atop a shallow promontory near the turbine fields.

In the far northwest corner of the map, past the turbine fields. The map boundary isn't exactly rectangular, so you may need to drive along the map-edge barrier for a bit to reach this one, depending on where you're coming from.

In the far southwest corner of the map, in the shadow of a cliff, likely past a crashed kett shuttle.

On a high ridge overlooking a monolith to the north. Enhanced 4WD a must. Note that the monolith down below has a Remant cache, and is very close to several cadmium deposits and a colonist corpse.

At the bottom of a cliff northeast of Promise.

Near the northwest bank of the southern lake, surrounded by outcrops.

On gathering the last drone you'll be ambushed by a pack of Challyrions- dispatch them to complete the mission and win 29 AVP for the away team.

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