Eos: Waking Up The Future

Waking Up The Future

Locations: Eos, Nexus, Pytheas System View

Once you've founded your first settlement on Eos, check out an exclamation point beacon inside the general store. It will lead to a terminal with an impassioned request to bring a particular Turian colonist out of Cryo.

See Vladimir Brecka in Colonial Affairs on the Nexus to make this happen (Brecka is the guy that explains Cryo Pods to you in the first place).

Once you've talked to him, return to Eos and talk to Darket Tiervian, the woken Turian who's now hanging out in the general store.

Feeling the burden of a debt unpaid, Darket will clue you in on some likely locations of Kett supplies en route to Eos. Reboard the Tempest and scan at the system level to locate two anomalies (detectable by eye as glittering points toward the upper right of the system).

Visit them to loot the Kett supply caches, and complete the mission.

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