Eos: What He Would Have Wanted

What He Would Have Wanted

Location: Eos

Driving on Eos after the radiation has cleared, you'll see a blue exclamation point populate in the Golden Wastes. Get closer, and you'll find an abandoned truck, plus a comm terminal from a beacon technician who died in the line of duty.

Ryder resolves to pick up where he left off, and five beacon sites populate on your map

As you place the beacons, stored audiologs from the original technician will play (they always play in sequence, rather than by beacon location).

Most sites are contested by hostiles, but strictly low-level stuff. Clear the sites and place the beacons to get the full log set. Revealing that… the tech left a terminally ill son behind in the Milky Way? It's not clear. Whatever the case, you do get a small Viability reward for completing the mission.

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