Havarl: Adrenaline Fusion Mod

Adrenaline Fusion Mod

This unmarked quest on Havarl is available only after activating the vault there. Between the two westmost Forward Stations on Havarl, there are two Remnant spires against the south wall. You'll want to find the cave between them.

It'll have a platinum deposit just outside, likely one or two Roekaar on guard, and you may already know this one as 'the cave with that sunken console that doesn't work.'

But now it will (unless it doesn't, in which case you should talk to everybody back at the Pelaav Research Station and check in on all your email and vidmail to make sure the game 'knows' you've completed the vault). Once the console is activate, use your scanner to follow the energy east to a pillar. The trail stops there, but use the little extruded ledges to jump up to the pillar's top.

Activate the console here and you'll see a gravity well control activate on a high ledge to the west.

Return to ground level, go to the western pillar, and again use the extruded ledges to jump all the way up. The gravity well will take you to another a high platform (though it is something of a miracle you don't just smack into a tree enroute). The console here needs a decrypt, which you can apply like so.

You'll see another platform to the west light up. Use the gravity well control again to drift over, and claim your prize from the container room there.

This container has some miscellaneous loot, some Remnant Loot, and the Fusion Mod of Adrenaline. Taking it ends this 'quest.'

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