Kadara: Out Of The Frying Pan

Out Of The Frying Pan

Location: Kadara

Out on the docks of Kadara, an exclamation point will lead you to depressed Enforcer Grayson Wessler.

He'll explain that he accidentally exiled a dues-paying citizen to near certain death in the wilds. He's also exiled tons of other people to near certain death, of course, but it's this one person in particular he's concerned with. If you're concerned too, you can follow up with the Warden as you leave town for the badlands.

He'll point you to a spot southwest of town- you can reach it without any serious mountaineering, though you are going to hit a few spots of armed resistance.

The path ends in the Spirit's Ledge area- a stilted fortress with an emphasis on stairs. You will be shot on sight. There are a number of specialty fighters here (anarchists & berserkers, et al), but it's a small force overall. Wipe them out then ascend the tower for a rather gruesome scene.

It's not just that the raiders have been eating people which is problematic, it's way they just throw their leftovers on the floor like that. In anycase, you can scan the eponymous frying pan to confirm the cannabalism and prompt some banter from your team.

Before you go, don't forget to free Remi from her cell for a 29 AVP and +2% Kadara viability.

You can also jump up to the roof here- there's nothing to find, but the view is nice.

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