Nexus: Boosting the Signal

Boosting the Signal

Locations: Nexus, Eos, Voeld, Kadara, Elaaden

Once you've established your first Outpost on Eos, this quest becomes triggerable in Operations, where the scientists used to hang out. Here, in addition to Nyx's kid sister, you can find journalist Davis Qar.

He'll ask Ryder to place receivers on outpost worlds, but early on your only outpost in on Eos, and you'll need to wait for the radiation to clear before you can reach the site. When the climate does detox a bit (the bridge crew will let you know when it happens), go to Prodomos and drive south, picking up the road that loops west along and eventually up the cliffs. Brush by the Sheartop toward your objective marker, on a precipice overlooking the town.

Interact with the site to instantly construct the signal booster. You can, if you want, listen in on the latest broadcasts here as well.

The next station you have a chance to set up is on Voeld. After you've founded the settlement there, follow the nav marker to a ridge east of town. You may have to deal with some local wildlife to clear the spot.

When the site is clear, activate the Receiver base to construct a new signal booster.

The signal site for Kadara is just east of town.

A fully kitted out 4-wheel drive will make the climb easier, but look for the crates marking the tower base to set up shop here.

The signal site for Elaaden is relatively far away- on a peak to the northwest. This ridge can be a little tricky to balance on, so go easy on the booster as you make your way up.

There's a memory trigger nearby if you haven't snagged it, but otherwise head back to the Nexus and talk to Davis Qar one last time to finish the mission.

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