Saints Row: The Third Remastered Cheats & Cheat Codes PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and More

Weapons in Saints Row: The Third Remastered.

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Cheats & Cheat Codes PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and More

Saints Row: The Third Remastered is a remake of the 2011 action-adventure game. The game became popular thanks to its unique blend of humor, action, and urban roleplaying. It marks the third installment in the long-standing Saints Row series. Game studio Volition developed and THQ published Saints Row: The Third. The remastered version, launched in 2020 by Deep Silver, sports enhanced graphics and new features, creating a more immersive experience for both long-time fans and new players.

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Premise

Saints Row: The Third Remastered is set in the fictional city of Steelport, which once again gives players the reins of the 3rd Street Saints. The international crime organization, the Syndicate, controls a city where the street gang-turned-media empire finds itself locked in. The players must rebuild their gang to assert dominance over the city. As the story unfolds, players face off against S.T.A.G., a violent paramilitary unit determined to restore order and, of course, the Syndicate.

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The city of Steelport with its criminal past is the prime setting of the game. Three gangs, Morningstar, Luchadores, and Deckers, form the powerful Syndicate. The game intertwines narratives from all the gangs and presents the player’s decisions that change the course of the story. The game is played from a third-person perspective in an open world, allowing players to freely explore.

The City in Saints Row The Third Remastered.

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Characters

 In Saints Row: The Third Remastered there are numerous colorful characters, both allies and enemies. These characters are part of the rich story that the players embark on. Many of the key characters are either fellow members of the Saints or competing gang members.

  • Playa: The player character and the leader of the 3rd Street Saints.
  • Johnny Gat: Second in command in 3rd Street Saints. He is also the oldest member still in the gang and proves important during the initial Syndicate encounter.
  • Shaundi: Shaundi is focused on the Saints and her celebrity status. She has become more aggressive and determined since the events of Saints Row 2.
  • Pierce: Known for his celebrity status, he is often seen in commercials and ads.
  • Josh Birk: A model and actor researching for a new Saints movie, he is with the gang during a bank robbery.
  • Oleg: Towering figure over eight feet tall. He joins the 3rd Street Saints after being freed from the Syndicate.
  • Angel: A former Mexican wrestler who joins the Saints after an attack from the Luchadores.
  • Kinzie Kensington: A former FBI agent and hacker who joins the Saints after being freed from the Deckers.
  • Zimos: Zimos is a pimp with an autotuned voice box. After the Saints save him from the Morningstar, he joins the gang.
  • Phillipe Loren: Belgian leader of the Morningstar, intelligent and powerful, with a fondness for his two fellow gang members, Viola and Kiki.
  • Viola DeWynter: One of two sisters serving as second in command of the Morningstar. The calmer of the two sisters.
  • Kiki DeWynter: Viola’s sister, also second in command of the Morningstar, known for her volatile personality.
  • Killbane: The feared leader of the Luchadores, who controls the Carver Island district.
  • Matt Miller: A genius hacker and the leader of the Deckers. Matt Miller has an important rivalry with former FBI agent Kinzie Kensington. He governs the operations in the Stanfield district.
Gang members in Saints Row The Third Remastered.
Morningstar is one of the gangs in The Syndicate.

Saints Row Games in the Series

Saints Row: The Third Remastered is part of an action-adventure game series, with each installment adding to the lore of the 3rd Street Saints. The series kicked off with Saints Row in 2006, with each new version bringing renewed graphics and better gameplay to the table. Each game also offers a different city, new rival gangs, and an evolved storyline. THQ published the earlier Saints Row games. After the THQ bankruptcy, the Austrian game publisher Deep Silver acquired the rights and has since published the games. The Volition has stayed as the creative force since the beginning.

  • Saints Row (2006)
  • Saints Row 2 (2008)
  • Saints Row: The Third (2011)
  • Saints Row IV (2013)
  • Saints Row: Gat out of Hell (2015)
  • Saints Row: The Third Remastered (2020)
  • Saints Row (2022)

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Cheats

Fortunately, the developer of the game added a cheat code system to the game. Cheats in Saints Row: The Third Remastered are a fun way to experiment with the game and get results hard to achieve without them. They range from character and vehicle modifications to control over the game world. Note that the use of cheats disables saving and game progress. After being enabled, they also remove the ability to unlock achievements or trophies.

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To access the cheat code system in Saints Row: The Third Remastered, the player simply needs to open the cheats app on the in-game phone. The player character, Playa, has a personal mobile device, which has various apps. In the Extras folder, there is an app called Cheats. Open this, and add the following cheat codes to enable them.

Vehicles in Saints Row The Third Remastered.
Driving various vehicles around Steelport is a large part of the game.
Cheat CodeDescription
General Cheats
repaircarRepair your car
runfastInfinite sprint
cheeseGain $100,000 in cash
goodygoodyWipe out police notoriety
oopsWipe out gang notoriety
lolzIncrease gang notoriety
pissoffpigsIncrease police notoriety
whatitmeanstomeGain respect
notratedMake bodies explode
vroomTurn off car damage
goldengunOne-hit kills
fryholeGo up to heaven
Vehicle Cheats
giveambulanceSpawn an Ambulance
giveanchorSpawn an Anchor
giveattrazioneSpawn an Attrazione
givebootleggerSpawn a Bootlegger
givechallengerSpawn a Challenger
givecommanderSpawn a Commander
givecondorSpawn a Condor
giveeagleSpawn an Eagle
givegatmobileSpawn a Gatmobile
givekanadaSpawn a Kanada
givekenshinSpawn a Kenshin
giveknoxsvilleSpawn a Knoxsville
givekobraSpawn a Kobra
givemiamiSpawn a Miami
givemunicipalSpawn a Municipal
givenforcerSpawn an Nforcer
givepeacemakerSpawn a Peacemaker
givephoenixSpawn a Phoenix
givequasarSpawn a Quasar
givereaperSpawn a Reaper
givesandstormSpawn a Sandstorm
givesharkSpawn a Shark
giveshepherdSpawn a Shepherd
givespectreSpawn a Spectre
givestatusquoSpawn a Status Quo
givestradaSpawn a Strada
givetaxiSpawn a Taxi
givetitanSpawn a Titan
givetoadSpawn a Toad
givetornadoSpawn a Tornado
givevortexSpawn a Vortex
givevtolSpawn a Vtol
givevultureSpawn a Vulture
givewidowmakerSpawn a Widowmaker
givewoodpeckerSpawn a Woodpecker
Weapon Cheats
letsrockGet all weapons
giveairstrikeGet Airstrike
giveapocaGet Apocafists
givechainsawGet Chainsaw
givecyberGet Cyberdestructor
givedroneGet Drone
givegrenadeGet Grenade
givehammerGet Hammer
givekrukovGet K8 Krukov
giveminigunGet Minigun
givemolotovGet Molotov
giverpgGet RPG
givesatchelGet Satchel
givetekGet Tek Z-10
giveultimaxGet AS3 Ultimax
Pedestrian Cheats
duiMake pedestrians drunk
hohohoPimps and prostitutes
Weather Cheats
clearskiesClear Skies
lightrainLight Rain
heavyrainHeavy Rain


Does the remastered version have new content?

Saints Row: The Third Remastered features improved graphics and textures, increased resolution, and better performance for modern hardware, among other technical improvements. However, there is no new in-game content in the game.

Can I play the game with friends online in co-op mode?

Yes, Saints Row: The Third and the Remastered version supports online co-op gameplay with two players. The extent of the feature might depend on the game system. However, a local co-op is not available. 

Can you create your own character in Saints Row: The Third Remastered?

Players are able to create their characters at the beginning of the game. There are different customization options in the game, but there are certain limits.

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