Voeld: Brought to Light

Brought to Light

Location: Voeld

This one starts in the Techiix outpost. Follow a blue exclamation point to an Angaran named Rjoek- all but hidden behind a shuttle in the docking bay area.

He'll sent you to rescue some archivists from the ruin of Eroesk, which you may already know from the Medical Caches task.

You'll find two turians under attack by Kett. It's just a few Chosen, so clear them out.

When they're dead, you don't actually have to enter into conversation with Astra to fulfill the next objective, just get close enough for her to yell the situation to you, then dispatch another wave of kett.

When the shooting's stopped, Astra will reveal that they're thieves, not archivists. But she's had a change of heart, and wants you take the map to the Resistance. You can indicate as to whether or not you'll settle accounts with Rjoek or not, but this has no bearing on what you actually do.

If you do decide to punish Rjoek's crimes, catch up with him back in Techiix. You'll have the choice to either shoo him off the planet, or send him to the governor for conscription.

Whether you choose one, the other, or bypass Rjoek entirely seems to have no lasting impact. Whatever you decide, take the map back to Kaas at HQ (he's standing by the planetary hologram) to complete the quest

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