Voeld: Catch and Release

Catch and Release

Location: Voeld

It's time for another game of hunt the thing in the thing. This time it's hunting Angaran corpses in Kett installations.

These bodies have been microchipped. Find enough chipped corpses to pinpoint a source- a cave across the plains from Techiix.

Note that, even after activating Voeld's vault, this area will remain dangerously cold. The hostiles here include a goodly number of Anointed and Destined- just be ready to take them out fast, or retreat to the nearby Kett base to replenish your heat when necessary. When the Kett have been exterminated, activate the console in the back of the cage to free the last Angaran captive.

Known bug- the cage may be empty.

If this happens, go to the mouth of the cave and look around- you may see your wayward captive just standing in the snow. Speak with him to end this mission.

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