Voeld: Missing Science Crew

Missing Science Crew

Location: Voeld

After founding an outpost on Voeld, talk to captain Priya Blake about her missing scientists.

You'll find the shuttle crew in bad shape. Scan the wreckage and read the datapad to get your next objective.

Follow the marker to what you might have already been expecting- Voeld's Architect.

Note: At this time, ME:A's physics do not allow you to drop the NOMAD on the Architect.

This monstrosity is almost exactly like the one on Eos, but the fight has two subtle differences.

First, this Architect summons Observers rather than Nullifiers, so you'll want to prioritize Overload and shield-draining attacks over fiery alternatives.

Second, this fight takes place in punishing cold, even if you've already activated the Vault. Be sure that any place you make your stand has an easy-to-reach heat source. This may even be inside a building, but keep in mind that walls are no defense against the Architect's globe-of-reaving attack. If possible, try to station your team at opposite ends of a platform- the Architect can only effectively target one enemy at a time, and anyone who's not fleeing can be profitably shooting. Aside from those details however, this battle has the same stages and plays by the same rules as the previous Architect fight. Keep at and you'll fell the thing.

Interface with the head for 400 AVP and +10% Voeld viability, as well as the usual chest of goodies. The Architect will head for orbit, as per usual, and be scannable there when you leave the planet.

Finish up with Priya to complete the mission.

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