Voeld: Trading Favors

Trading Favors

Locations: Aya, Voeld

Get this mission by talking with Sohkaa Esof on the docks of Aya.

He'll express concern about a trading contact on Voeld. When you're roaming that particular ice ball, take a moment to check out the rendezvous site. You'll find Esof's contact looking… not well.

Scan the wreckage to find out who iced him. No prizes for guessing the kett.

And in fact, you need hardly have wasted the brain cells, because the kett themselves show up to kill you. Kill them first, then scan the Supply Crate to recover the supplies.

There's also a contaner by the truck you can loot for your own supplies.

When you return to Aya, talk with Esof. He'll not only give you his stamp of approval with Evfra, but he'll also become a merchant you can trade with.

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