Intro to Voeld – Meeting the Resistance

Intro to Voeld – Meeting the Resistance

Note: You'll meet a lot of suspicious Angarans on Voeld- having Jaal by your side can make things both more easygoing and more interesting.

Your first task in Voeld is not dying of hypothermia. This isn't actually a huge danger, but you'd never know from the way SAM harps on and on and on about it.

Follow the heat lamps to the base- you'll pass through an airfield and a garage before reaching your objective- the Resistance leader Anjik Do Xeel.

She's not wild about you ( a recurring theme in Angaran space), but she'll give you your next objective. On the way, stop to scan the computers, and you can chat with Kaas for an overview of what Voeld has to offer.

Follow your marker to the cliffside lookouts.

They'll give you some quest hooks, and then SAM will pitch in with her own ideas. Regardless of which one you decide on, be sure to summon the Forward Station just a little left of the lookouts, then saddle up the NOMAD to take you to your destination.

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