Ethan Must Die – Tips UPDATED

Ethan Must Die is a new game mode for RE:7  that shows up in the first DLC release. As Ethan, in an 'out of continuity' story, you must follow a twisting path through a Baker House both like and unlike the one you know, scavenging random weapons and gear for an eventual showdown with Marguerite. In addition to the novel layout, this mode features a few variant monsters and a completely new range of deathtraps. If you don't want to dive into a walkthrough right away, here are a few tips to help you survive the experience. For a while.


The first thing to know is that this scenario is as not as random as you may have been led to believe. While items drops and locations are random, the monsters, traps, house layout, and key item locations remain identical every time.

Only Through Crates Shall Ye Be Saved

Don't waste time scouring countertops, cabinets, or the other assorted nooks and crannies of the Baker Estate- with the exception of the Greenhouse Key, every single item will be inside a crate. Also onside crates- the occasional bomb. So be sure to stand close and listen for the tell-tale ticking before sticking a knife in something lootable.

Shut the Door

Despite the ultra-deadliness of the situations, moldies still can't open doors. Careful door control can be used to trap monsters, clear paths, and lure your enemies into traps. In some case, closing the door on a moldie will cause it to go dormant, or disappear entirely. All of these things are better than wasting your extremely limited ammo. Speaking of which-

Bullets Are Dear

Your inventory is limited but you'll want to prioritize ammo over everything else. Healing items are nice, but you'll either ruse them right away or just be killed outright. Bullets are like gold for the timess when you absolutely must execute the baddies, and frankly you're more likely to find an entirely new weapon than ammo for the weapons you've already got (though, to be fair, I never found ammo for a weapon I didn't have).

Learn By Dying

Even the sharpest player isn't going to make it through this ordeal in one go- some of the traps and ambushes thrown at you are only really survivable if you know they're coming. Try to treat your deaths (even the really annoying, cheap ones) as having been well-spent in revealing another one of the house's lethal secrets. Note that, for the hallway above, the key is to slowly back up the stairs, then sprint back down the moment you hear the trap engaging. Let the spike hammer whoosh by, and proceed quickly down the corridor.

Turrets Are Your Friends

True, they'll try to kill you onsight, but they try to kill everything on sight- that's what makes them so lovable. You won't encounter these little wonders until the second half of your ordeal, but once you do, learn theur habits. They alwasy give a warning of eight beeps before opening fire- enough time for you to sprint to safety, and while they have limited tracking ability, they can't be damaged and enver run out of ammo. When enemies are closing in, crouching next to one of these guys is about as safe as you can be.


Full Walkthrough Coming Soon!

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