Jack’s 55th Birthday – Guest House 2

Where to find everything in Guest House 2

Kitchen: Inventory and Jack.


Front Door Area: Locked by Red Door. Handgun Ammo, Shotgun Ammo, Magnum Ammo, Two First Aids


Upstairs (Tape Recorder Room) : One Molded spawns


Attic, main room: Stew. Four Molded Spawn, then Blue Key Molded (Unlocks Attic farthest room). Bobblehead hovers around edge of room at about 10' off the ground.


Attic, side room: Handgun Ammo, First Aid Med


Attic farthest room: Cake, Magnum.


Closet Under Stairs: One Molded spawns outside. Cheese.


TV Room: Two Molded spawn, Chicken in Fireplace. Note that the secret passage is now accessible.


Crawlspace off TV Room: Spice


Drained Basement Passage: Handgun Ammo, 5 Molded, Chicken.


Basement Prison: Shotgun Ammo, Yellow Key Scyther (Opens Bathroom), Two Blobula (in front of Mia's cell), Blue Blaster


Mia's Cell: Locked by Green Door. Garbage, Fruit.


Basement Gurney Room: 2 Blobula, First Aid Med, Handgun Ammo, Two Beers


Basement Couch Room & Storage – Handgun Ammo (in sink), Sugar, Spice, Two Molded, Green Key Molded (Opens Mia's Cell).


Bathroom– Locked by Yellow Door. Cheap Wine, Cake, First Aid Med (in drawer)


Library: Red Key Scyther (Opens Front Door Area). Sugar, Cheap Wine.


SS Runthrough:

  • Equip Golden Crowbar, Time Bonus Beta 1, Brawler, Speed Up II.

  • Right out of Kitchen, Kill hallway monster, clear TV room, enter crawlspace, grab spice.

  • Down the ladder, clear the drained passage, grab the chicken at the end.

  • Crowbar the first Blob in the prison area, then grab the Blue Blaster and shoot everything between you and the stairs back up. Your Blaster should last long enough to shoot everything in the storage area after the couch room. Pick up the sugar and spice there. If the Green key Molded doesn't appear immediately, don't wait for it.

  • Up the stairs, clear the hall, kill the Red Key Scyther in the Library.

  • Kill the molded outside the closet-under-the-stairs again, then run upstairs and kill the molded in the cassette room.

  • Run to the largest attic room, crowbar the four Molded, then the bobblehead, then the Blue Key Molded. It's arachnid, but there's not really enough space here for it to dodge away from you.

  • You should have 2-3 bonus minutes on the clock now. Plenty of breathing space. Grab the Stew here, then go the Far Attic room and pick up the Cake. Sugar the Cake and Spice the Chicken and the Stew.

  • Grab the Cake from the Bathroom and the Chicken from the TV room.

  • Feed Everything to Jack.

Notes: This run could probably be made even faster by using the Cheese in the hall closet with the Bathroom cake.

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