Act V: Edge Of The World


Collectibles in this level: 12


Objective: Find the path to the Wickerman


As soon as you gain control of Marius, move forward enough to start your men moving forward. This will allow you to travel back to where they started to grab [Chronicle 19/42]. Keep following the main path until the deer runs out of the brush. On the right side shortly afterwards is a [Chronicle 20/42]. The creepy atmosphere starts to get to the men as you walk along the darkened paths. Keep leading the way until you you reach a bridge.




Objective: Survive the ambush


Several enemies surround you here, they look different but you should be able to identify their types. Shield bearers are easy to spot and all enemies without shields will perform heavy attacks now. After killing most of the enemies a cut scene will take over.




Objective: Look for signs of your cohort


Stumble down the path until you reach a [Vista 12/21] then drop down. Be warned there are traps in this area (around six in total) so get that A button ready. Follow the markers until you reach a fire with an unfriendly local nearby. This enemy is an upgraded version of the helmeted barbarians and unlike them you cannot interrupt their heavy attack easily. Be ready to dodge and keep using your shield bash between swings (X + X + Y + X + X) to damage him quickly. Take the left path (no fires down it) to find a [Chronicle 21/42].


Down the other path is another ambush with three regular enemies (remember they have heavy attacks now) and a shielded barbarian. Take some time here to get used to most enemies having heavy attacks and then take care of them.




In the next area you can circle round the fire to find a [Scroll 12/27] and piles of pila. This should warn you (if they haven't shot already) that there are archers in the area. Stay on this upper level and throw your pila at them until all four are no more. Head through the camp and down to the waterfall cave.





Objective: Rescue your fellow soldiers


Down by the fire is a large barbarian and a regular one. Remember that you cannot interrupt the larger ones heavy strikes but the smaller one is fair game. Around five enemies total will spawn during this battle, two regular enemies and a shield bearer so execute for health if they get in too many hits. There is also a [Chronicle 22/42] to grab where you dropped down before opening the cage. Smash open the door to rescue your men. If you look over the cliff you can see the enemy encampment below.


If you take the left path before reaching the explosive barrels you can find [Scroll 13/27]. Drop down by the red barrels to meet a couple of regular barbarians and a shield bearer. Before issuing the order to free your men, head down the misty gorge to the left of the scorpio on the cliff to find a [Chronicle 23/42]. Call out the order with LB to free the rest of your men.




Objective: Organize defensive positions


At the banner you must choose where the archers will fire at. Covering the ridge prevents flanking and means you can focus completely on the frontal attack. Use the Scorpio turret to shoot any archers and infantry on the ground. The charge should barely make a dent in your forces health. Before activating the second banner, head all the way through the large gate and immediately turn left to find [Scroll 14/27]. Fill up on pila if you need to.




Objective: Lead your formation through the ravine


Get into position at the front of the formation and quick march down the ravine. At the end on an upper ledge will be a line of archers. Get as close as you can before letting loose with your pila and they should all fall before the third volley. The next line of archers are a bit smarter, they fire a single volley and run away so don't bother charging up your pila at them. Another line will appear to the left and when they fall a second will immediately reinforce them from the front. Wind your way to the right to regain normal control.





Objective: Investigate the area for enemies


Directly in front of you should be a [Vista 13/21]. Head up the rise to see your men in trouble.


Objective: Rescue the Romans from being burned alive


This can be a bit trick as there are multiple things to focus on here. Fire brand wielding barbarians will run towards the cages holding your fellow Romans. These must take priority. If you can aim at one with a quick throw, do it. Meanwhile regular enemies will be trying to stop you so when you can, fight them. During the battle the order to open the cages will appear. Do so as soon as possible. Your first new double blade will arrive here as well but he has the same attack patterns as the previous ones so he shouldn't pose much of a threat. Keep moving forwards as there are more cages then you think. A second large group of enemies will be doing the same thing to another cage full of Romans. Two large barbarians, two shield bearers and two regular enemies await. Try to keep on top of the fire brand enemies with your quick throw but otherwise just try to stay alive. It can be very difficult and you can even get caught on unseen objects on the ground. At the second group of cages as you leave the area between two large fence-like gates, turn left to find a [Chronicle 24/42] (this is before you cross the river). A glitch that can occur is that your men are never released and the torch bearers just keep coming endlessly – the order to open the cages never appears. You can either reload the checkpoint or let your men burn. The third area has a hunt next to the bonfire, beside this is a [Scroll 15/27] to pick up.




Thankfully the Roman's health bar will disappear and you can continue on as normal. Move through the grisly trail until you reach the Wickerman.




Objective: Kill the minotaur chief Glott


There are two phases to this fight, separated by a checkpoint and health restore. Despite the dire situation there is no need to rush this fight. The chief moves and attacks very similarly to the large barbarians so you should be able to deal with him easily in the first phase. At the end of the first phase he will throw his head back and scream before briefly flashing yellow and hitting you for a large chunk of damage. When he flashes yellow you must press that Y button on you will take a nasty hit. Follow the rest of the coloured prompts to move onto the second phase of the fight.




Your health will be restored but unfortunately so will some of the chief's. Resume your dodge two hits, hit twice routine until he finally falls.



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