Chapter 4

Walk around the Addict and check out some of Nathans treasures from the past
You're going to find things like the three journals from past games, a coin, a skull, and other relics.
be sure to flip the objects and examine the pictures in each journal and folder in order to continue.
At the far end of the room is a little purple, toy gun in a holster. Grab it and get ready for some classic drake action.
Continue shooting the little cardboard discs hanging from the ceiling until Elena calls you down from your harrowing adventure.
The door to go downstairs is in the middle of the room examine it to open and proceed downstairs.

Now you get to play a round of Crash Bandicoot while Nathan makes little quips about the load time and displays his complete lack of knowledge on the subject of video games.Just run down the screen, collect the fruit and don't die. Once you finish the level or run out of lives the scene continues on.


During the conversation with Sam, you're given another choice in the direction the conversation takes. You have three choices about the stories from the last three games. I chose to tell him about Shambala. Afterward, he begins to tell you the story of how he escaped prison.


Sam tells the story of how Hector Alkazar helped him escape from Prison and thus begins Chapter 5

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