Detroit: Become Human Unlockables for PlayStation 4

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Detroit: Become Human Unlockables for PlayStation 4

Developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Detroit: Become Human has been acclaimed for its gameplay mechanics, graphical design, storyline, and voice acting. This game was released for PlayStation 4 in 2018 and Windows in 2019. Detroit: Become Human is an action-adventure game full of combat and interactive environments, as the player progresses, they will play numerous characters to keep the flow of the game moving in a seamless manor.

Detroit: Become Human Premise

Detroit Become Human screenshot of character
Realistic graphics and environments in the game.

The game is played from a third-person point of view. The plot of Detroit: Become Human follows the story of three androids Kara, Conner, and Markus. Kara escaped from her owner to explore her newfound sentience while condor sets out into the world to capture and destroy sentient androids. Markus’s mission in the story is to find other androids and set them free. The game is non-linear thus, choices made by the player will affect the overall gameplay and outcome of the story.

Cheats and Unlockables in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit become human screenshot of female character
Suspensful character interaction.

All Jericho Graffiti locations

Search the indicated locations in Jericho to find all seven Graffiti locations:

1. After you get out of the train, look on the wall to the left.

2. Go down the escalator to see it right in front of you.

3. Go across the street to see it on a colorful building.

4. Go down the road, and look through a fence on the left. You can scan two icons when standing at the fence. For the third, crawl under the fence and remove the wooden planks leaning against the wall, blocking the view to the icon.

5. Stay behind the fence, and go to the junkyard. You can scan one icon from the ground. For the next two, you must pull the container to the wall to climb up.

6. Wall-jump to the other side and drop down to scan a large graffiti on the tall building.

7. Go inside the tall building, after simulating the best path to climb up. You must line up a part of the wall and part of a pillar to get the “X” icon.

Markus and North full romance

To get the most peaceful ending in the game, Markus must romance North. Always be nice to her, ask about her, kiss her whenever possible. Then at the end of the game when you choose to do a peaceful protest and the soldiers come to kill you, kiss her and they will let you live. This is required to get the “Survivors” (everyone survives) and “Moral Victory” (Markus makes the soldiers step back) trophies.

Good ending

Become Human screenshot gameplay
Impressive gameplay mechanics.

To get the best ending and “Survivors” trophy, none of the character listed below are allowed to die over the course of the game. If any of them die, quit out to the main menu and replay the chapter from the last checkpoint. Never leave anyone behind — always help your friends, even if it puts you at risk, but never sacrifice yourself either. Deviants and police do not impact this. It is fine to kill Deviants yourself, have them commit suicide, or have them massacre humans. It is also fine to kill police (and you will have to in order to save North and infiltrate CyberLife with Deviant Connor). Only the characters listed below must stay alive — nobody else matters to get the good ending and “Survivors” trophy.

Connor: Do not sacrifice him, and do not let him get shot.

Hank: Connor and Hank must remain friends.

Kara: When Kara and Alice run from the police in the “Crossroads” chapter, select the “PLAY DEAD, DON’T MOVE” option so they will not be brought to the recycling facility. If the police catch them, it becomes impossible to complete the game without sacrificing anyone.

Alice: In the “On the Run” chapter, make sure Kara and Alice make it across the highway alive.

Luther: Kara meets Luther in the “Zlotko” chapter. When the police show up in the “Midnight Train” chapter, talk to Luther and tell him to go “UPSTAIRS”. You will get the “NOTHING TO SEE HERE” trophy. When Luther gets shot in the foot during the escape from Jericho in the “Crossroads” (Kara) chapter, choose “HELP LUTHER”. Get him safely to the next room and he will tell you to leave, and he will catch up with you later.

Jerry: At the start of the “Battle for Detroit” (Kara Leaving Detroit) chapter, you must sneak behind some cars. After the first line of cars, you can see Jerry and Luther held at gunpoint by the police. Sneak up to the police and knock them out to free Jerry.

Markus: Do not lose any battles, and do not sacrifice yourself at the end of the Freedom March. Always choose the peaceful protest options, and do not attack/kill any humans or police. The only exception is when you have to save North at the end of the “Crossroads” chapter. Markus and Connor will kill some police to save her. To clarify, killing police does not actually impact the ending, but if you choose the violent Revolution option, some of your friends may very likely get shot. Make sure to keep it peaceful.

Simon (from Jericho): At the security checkpoint on the top in “The Stratford Tower” chapter, select the “RUSE” option. As you walk towards the guards, “DRAW GUN” at them. Select “ORDER” them, and then “KNOCK OUT”. If you choose the “ASSAULT” option, Simon will get shot and have to stay behind on the rooftop. It is important he escapes with you by skydiving down the roof.

North (from Jericho): If Markus went to place the detonation timer in the “Crossroads” (optional) chapter, North will get trapped in a corridor afterwards. You must choose to help her.

Josh (from Jericho): When Markus runs through the Jericho container ship in the “Crossroads” chapter, there is a part where a soldier attacks Josh in a corridor. Select the “INTERVENE” option.

Chloe (female robot in Kamski’s villa): In the “Meet Kamski” chapter, do not allow Connor to shoot her.

Canadian Border ending

To get the “Canadian Border” ending and “Happy Family & Safe Harbor” trophy, players must keep Kara, Alice, and Luther alive throughout the entire game. Luther is an especially easy character to lose. If he dies, they can always quit out to the main menu and replay the last section through chapter select with the “Save Feature” enabled. The following are defining moments for Luther’s survival:

Zlatko – Escape the manor with Alice and have Luther join the player at the end (you get the “Escape The Manor” trophy).

Midnight Train – When the cop shows up, talk to Luther and tell him to go “UPSTAIRS” (you get the “Nothing to See Here” trophy).

Crossroads (Kara) – When Luther gets shot in the foot during the escape from Jericho, choose “HELP LUTHER” (Circle). Get him safely to the next room and he will tell you to go and that he will catch up with you later.

Chapter Crossroads (Kara): When Kara and Alice run away from the soldiers (after escaping through the tunnels in Jericho), choose “PLAY DEAD” (Triangle) and “DON’T MOVE” (X) to not get captured.

Time for the Good Part

The actual trophy then takes place in Chapter: Battle Of Detroit – Kara Leaving Detroit. Complete the following steps to have Kara and Alice pass the border.

1. Early in the chapter you must sneak past some soldiers. After sneaking behind the first line of cars, you can see Luther and Jerry held at gunpoint by the police, waiting to be executed.

2. Sneak around them, grab a brick, and knock out the police to free Jerry (and Luther).

3. Choose to go through the security checkpoint (fast but risky route), and make the following dialogue choices: “ALICE EXCUSE” (Triangle), “STAY CALM” (Circle), “COLD” (Circle), “DO NOTHING” (X), “DO NOTHING” (X). The will guard give you an item Alice dropped and let you pass safely.

4. At the bus station, speak to the mother and her baby. When they drop their tickets, select “PICK UP”. When they come back, select “KEEP TICKET” (X), and “KEEP TICKET” (X).

5. Get in the bus.

6. At the border control, press L1 to see Jerry in the right lane (he is the guy you saved from the police execution in the first step). When you reach the end of the border control, choose “SACRIFICE JERRY”. Jerry will run through the patrol and get shot, but the border control officer is so distracted that he lets you pass without checking if you are android or human.

Dirty Bomb ending

To get the “Dirty Bomb/Nuclear” ending, Markus has to take the nuclear detonator from North. Do a peaceful demonstration at the end of the game, and when the police come to take him out, hit the detonator. Detroit will fall and the androids will win.

Kara and Alice Escape Recycling Center ending

To get the “Kara and Alice Escape Recycling Center” ending and “Escape Death” trophy, make the following choices in the indicated chapters:

Crossroads – When Kara and Alice run away from the soldiers (after escaping through the tunnels in Jericho), choose “SURRENDER” (X) and “OBEY” (X) to result in your capture.

Battle For Detroit – While waiting in the final line before destruction, talk to Jerry and ask him to create a diversion so you can switch lines to Alice.

Battle For Detroit – While approaching the end of the line, check the fence on the right side with L1 to find an escape path. You must then create a diversion, depending on who you previously saved:

  • Sacrifice Ralph – Only if you squatted at his abandoned house in the “Fugitives” chapter.
  • Sacrifice Scarred Android – Only if you let the androids free in the basement of Zlatko’s villa in the “Zlatko” chapter.
  • Sacrifice Luther – Only if he survived up until this point (however, it voids the “Happy Family” trophy)

Then, sprint over to the barbed wire fence. Alice (and Luther if he is with you) will climb through. When a soldier comes, choose “PROTECT ALICE” (X) to win the fight against the soldier. This will result in your escape. Complete the whole chapter to get the “Escape Death” trophy.

Note: You can also get this trophy by choosing the “Violent Revolution” option with Markus in the “Night Of The Soul” chapter. When he reaches the recycling center, Kara and Alice will be freed.

Easy “Confession” trophy

To have Connor make the android confess in “The Interrogation” chapter, you first must unlock this chapter by finding the deviant in the “Partners” chapter. Then, make the following dialogue choices during the interrogation to get the “Confession” trophy:

The deviant will now confess. Exhaust the remaining dialogue choices as desired, as they do not impact this trophy.

Easy “Defend Yourself” and “Self-Control” trophies

To have Markus push Leo in the “Broken” chapter, when you encounter Leo in the painting room, there will be a choice to “PUSH LEO” or “ENDURE”. Choose “PUSH LEO” to get the “Defend Yourself” trophy. After completing the chapter and getting the trophy, quit out to the main menu and replay the chapter (turn on “Save Feature” in chapter select). This time select to “ENDURE” Markus’ attacks to get the “Self-Control” trophy. You can then continue the story on that new save.

Easy “Deviant Located” trophy

To have Connor find the deviant in the attic in the “Partners” chapter, first find all ten clues at the crime scene. Then, report to Lt. Anderson and reconstruct the crime. Choose the following dialogue options: “…In the kitchen”, “…with the bat”, “The android stabbed the victim”, “…The Living Room”, and “…With the knife”. Go to the hallway in the middle of the house. On the left side, you can check the wall to see a ladder used to be there. In the same hallway, check the ceiling for the attic entrance, where a handprint will now be highlighted. Grab the chair from the kitchen and place it under the attic. Finally, climb up to find the deviant at the end of the attic and get the “Deviant Located” trophy.

Easy “I’ll Be Back” trophy

To get the “I’ll Be Back” trophy, Connor must die ten times in one playthrough. Players have to start a new story for this. They cannot simply play one chapter to let him die and move on to the next, as this does not update the progress between chapters and does not unlock the trophy. All chapters must be replayed one after the other. Some chapters have more than one way for Connor to die. In those, players just need one death. They can just always choose the first possibility to die in each chapter. The player must also be hostile with Hank so that he shoots Connor in the “Bridge” chapter. Always be disobedient to him, talk bad about androids, be cold, spill his drink, and kill the two Tracis in the Eden Club to get him really upset.

When they player visits Amanda, you can check the graveyard in the back of her garden to view your deaths. You can cut this playthrough short by letting Kara die in the “On the Run” chapter, when she crosses the highway with Alice. Just do not press any buttons and a car will kill Kara and Alice, removing all their future chapters. You can also let Markus die during the “Freedom March” chapter. When the police stop the March, select the “STAND GROUND, STAND GROUND, SACRIFICE” option. The police will then shoot Markus. This removes all of his upcoming chapters, and you can save a lot of time.

Easy “Mission Accomplished” trophy

To have Connor save Emma in “The Hostage” chapter, examine the dead body of the police officer by the kitchen, before going out on the balcony this reveals the location of a pistol. Grab the now marked pistol from under the kitchen table. Go outside on the balcony, approach the deviant, and shoot him in the head with the pistol to get the “Mission Accomplished” trophy.

Easy “Mission Complete” trophy

This can be done during the game ending. To have Connor kill the leader of the deviants, Connor must have become a deviant (see “One Of Us” trophy) and be working together with Markus. Both Markus and Connor must survive until the end of the story. In the “Crossroads” chapter, when Connor confronts Markus in the Captain’s Cabin, have Connor choose “BECOME A DEVIANT” (Circle). In the “Battle For Detroit” chapter, Markus must reach the end of his Revolution (“Liberation” trophy), and Connor must have converted the androids in CyberLife storage (“An Army Of Me” trophy).

When Markus and Connor stand together during the game ending, Cyberlife (Amanda) will try to hack Connor to make him pull out his pistol and kill Markus. Connor will briefly close his eyes and see Amanda. She will try to take control of him. Do not do anything — just let yourself get hacked (do not interact with the blue hand-icon touchpad in Amanda’s place). When Connor has been hacked, he will shoot Markus (leader of the deviants). Note: Connor killing Markus in the “Crossroads” chapter does not unlock this trophy. It has to happen in the “Battle for Detroit” chapter.

Easy “One of Us” trophy

To have Connor become a deviant, the following prerequisites are required:

1. Connor and Markus must stay alive until the “Crossroads” chapter.

2. Connor must not shoot the Chloe in the “Meet Kamski” chapter (may not be necessary, but it helps to increase software instability).

3. Connor must have figured out the location of Jericho in the “Last Chance Connor” chapter (“Bloodhound” trophy).

4. Connor must have built up enough software instability throughout the game (blue arrow up). To do this, place the safety and well-being of others above your objective to find the deviant leader. Do what a human would do, not what a machine would do. Do not kill other deviants (for example, the two Tracis in “The Eden Club”). Show emotions, empathy, and become friends with Hank and always save him. All of these things help with building up your software instability and will display a blue arrow up.

When Markus talks to Connor in the “Crossroads” chapter, make the following dialogue choices (these increase Connor’s software instability):

  • DISCOURAGE (Markus)
  • I KNOW YOU (Markus)
  • CONVINCE (Markus)
  • SAY NOTHING (Connor)
  • SOW DOUBTS (Markus)
  • QUESTION (Markus)

Easy “Secrets” trophy

To have Kara discover the content of Alice’s box in the “A New Home” chapter, clean up all the rooms upstairs (master bedroom, toilet, bathroom). Then, go inside Alice’s room, and make her bed and open her window. You can now talk to her (must have cleaned all other rooms first). Make the following dialogues choices: “NAME KARA”, “INTERESTS?”, and “SEEM QUIET”. All of these make her like the character, and she will then provide a key. Use the key to open the box in Alice’s room, on the cupboard by the door (across from her tent). Look at all pictures in this little wooden box, then put them back. Go downstairs to complete the level and get the “Secrets” trophy.

Easy “Shelter” trophy

To get Kara and Alice to sleep in the motel or squat in the “Fugitives” chapter, you have two options — either steal $40 from the grocery store and clothes from the laundromat, or cut open the fence to the abandoned house and sleep there. The abandoned house (squat) is the easier and recommended option. After leaving the bus, walk to the next bus stop where the green garbage truck is parked across the street. Press X to talk to Alice at this bus stop. The garbage android will show up and talk to Kara. After this the garbage truck drives away. Interact with the fence where the garbage truck was parked just moments ago. You can push open the fence to get to an area with an abandoned car.

Interact with the fence by the broken abandoned car. Then, grab the wire cutter from the yellow power generator in front of the car. Use wire cutter to cut through the fence and go to the abandoned house. Try to open the door. As you do this Alice will disappear. Backtrack around the corner of the house. An android with a knife will threaten Alice. Choose dialogues: ANDROID (Triangle), HOSPITALITY (Circle), STAY (Circle). Follow the Android into his house, make a bed and fire for Alice, and go to sleep to get the “Shelter” trophy.

Easy “We Are Free” trophy

To have Kara and Alice escape Todd’s house in the “Stormy Night” chapter, serve dinner for Todd and Alice. When Todd tells you to stand still, move and run upstairs to Alice’s room (last room on the right). Select the “Run with Alice” option. Hide in the room on the right side of the corridor by the stairs (keep holding Circle). After a while, Kara will automatically leave the room and run downstairs with Alice. Press Circle to open the door. Complete the button sequence to open the door. Once outside, get in the bus in front of you to complete the chapter and get the “We Are Free” trophy.

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