Chapter 6

After a brief scene between Nathan and Sam Chapter 6 begins. Head down the cliff side, following Sam and enjoy the friendly conversation.
Once you reach the next cliffside, you can find a treasure on the left most corner. Turn around and head towards the house and face the bridge. Use L3 to focus on the exposed beam underneath and wait for Sam to hand you the rope. Swing over the cliffside on your right and jump once Nathan starts to reach for it. head down to the lower left side of the cliff face, Sam will tell you to climb over him if you reached this point first. Wind your way around to the left until you can't go any further and use O to prop down. Once you're down, continue over to your left and jump for the rope. 

Run across the wall and jump over to the next ledge. Jump up two ledges and go left until you climb out onto a tree branch. Swing over to the brick wall and follow Sam up. Wait for the guards to leave and jump up. You're going to be in a small orchard, head towards the cliffside to initiate a conversation with Sam about missing things while in prison. Head over to the guest house to your right to find a treasure sitting on the window sill in the right most corner.

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After that go to the garden shed in the bottom left corner of the orchard and use L3 to look towards the window that you're heading towards.
Once inside, head down the stairs and go through the open doorway. Turn around and hook the beam before jumping out the window.
On the other side, hold L1 and press down on the left stick until you can't go any further. Begin swinging back and forth until you can jump to the ledge to your left. Once you land, head down the path until you reach the other end, you'll be able to initiate another optional conversation at this point about Nathans other adventures and his drawings. At the end of the path here, there will be a ledge to your left, climb it and come around to its side that is facing the wall behind you. Jump at it and grab onto the ledge, climb up to the top and head towards the other end. Facing the house there is a pole coming out of the wall. Jump to it and swing across. Climb across to the left and pull yourself up so that you are pressed against the wall. Go all the way to the left and begin to climb up until you come to several poles coming out of the wall. Climb across until you get to the final one, from here you will swing across to the ledge in front of you. Climb up and jump up the next ledge. turning back the way you came, jump at the rope hanging down the wall and climb up.

Well, that complicates things a bit. Follow Victor and Sam through the crowd and then downstairs, pay attention to the conversation. You'll arrive at a door to the basement as Sam rejoins the group. Turns out you need a key card to get downstairs. Follow the Waiter that came out of the door through the crowd and focus in on his back pocket using L2. The first time, he'll move before you get the chance to lift the card so follow him through the crowd and try again.
The second time will be your first real chance to lift the card. do so successfully and you can head back to the door.
Interact with the door and watch as Sam and Nathan go into the basement while Victor stays behind. Here's where you are introduced to Nadine Ross of Shoreline.

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From the start, head straight until you come to a wall and turn left. Continue forward until you see the stairs to your left, go down and come out at the intersection. Turn right and follow sam through the archway, heading deeper into the cellar until you come to a steel door. you can interact with it to see some goons watching a soccer game. nothing much else to see here. Back out and follow Sam down the stairs. at the bottom of the stairs to your immediate left is a treasure next to some wine barrels. The electrical box is locked behind a gate so go left until you come to a chained wooden door. to your left from here is a large wine cask push it back as far as it can go and let go.on the other side is an open door and here comes a small puzzle. 

Go straight back and then right, continue through the next archway and then turn right to see another large wine cask. Grab it and pull it towards you. 
Head towards the other side of that cask and then go to your left towards another cask. Pull this one towards you as well. head back to the main corridor and walk towards the wooden door. Once there turn to your right and follow the path until you come to an opening in the wall. jump over both of them to find yourself in another large room. This is where the vent is located, grab the wine cask to the right of the vent and pull it over so that it is underneath the vent.

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Climb up and open the vent to jump in. The vent path is very straightforward so follow it until you come to another gate. Turns out the gate won't open and then Sam calls you back. Turn around and make your way back to the gate you just passed, open it up and follow sam through to the other side. continue following sam through the vent until you come to the end. Wait for the guards to pass and then follow Sam towards the gate. come back away from the gate and look up to your left. Use Triangle to boost Sam up towards the ladder. Follow Sam and head over the ledge of the balcony, head to the door to find out that it's locked. Because why not? to your left is a ladder to bring down. Sam will boost you up just in time for a waiter to come out and catch you.
Sam takes care of him and Nathan is left to find his own outfit.

 Walk out into the main courtyard and approach the latticework located on the back-left wall and climb up onto the first story balcony. From here you need to continue up onto the roof of the balcony corner above you. Find the Gazebo and make your way towards it once you're on it, continue to the roof directly across from you. Climb the bars on the window to get up to the second story roof and jump across to the metal poles coming from the wall and press circle to drop to the ledge below.

After the cutscene, jump to the metal bars in front of you and drop down to the one beneath you where you can then jump back onto solid ground. Climb the wall and jump towards the next metal bar coming from the wall, jump and swing to the other side where you'll come across the outer wall of the electrical room. Turn directly around and climb the corner, over the pipes and ceiling panels to get into the electrical room.

After that's done, start looking for something to break that lock, you can't find it until the bidding reaches 200,000 so don't worry too much about it.

Now that that mess is done, let us continue onto Chapter 7

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