The Suffering Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

The Suffering Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

The Suffering

Playable introduction sequence

Successfully complete the game, then start another game to play a “bonus level”, which is the original introduction sequence with “director’s commentary”. To hear the commentary, jump on the crow that lands in a corner.

Monster Archives

Successfully complete the game after using the monster transformation as many times as possible.

Torque’s Archives

Successfully complete the game after following the evil choices when given the opportunity.

Torque’s Family Archives

Successfully complete the game after following the good choices when given the opportunity.

Game trailer

Remain idle at the new game screen. The trailer for the game will eventually start playing.

Lighthouse gears

To get the lighthouse gears to turn, throw a stick of dynamite at the handle. After this is done, Torque will be able to turn handle. To explain why the gears will not turn, take a look at them. They have Slayer knives jammed in them. The quick way is to throw an explosive, but you can also shoot them out.

Filling Insanity meter

In the level where there is a group of shower areas, go to the left and just dodge the “syringe throwing” ghouls to get to the next door. You can stick around and shoot some of the ghouls to fill up you Insanity meter. Note: When running across the shower areas, do a “zigzag” pattern to avoid getting hit in the back. There will a fire blocking your way. Shoot the fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

Getting Torque’s last Insanity move easily

On your way to help the cop get to the Radio station, their will be an endless amount of Slayers jumping out of the trees. Keep killing them in Insanity mode until the experience bar will not fill anymore. Stop the slayers from appearing, shine the spotlight on the tree.

Torque actions

Remain idle during the game and Torque will start doing strange things, such as poking himself with a shiv or dropping his family photo. He will does different things when you hold various weapons.

More revolver ammunition

To get more ammunition for the revolver that you get in the beginning, instead of waiting for that one person you find to die from the electric chair, kill him with the sickle that is found in the cell. The gun will have a lot more ammunition.

Quick revolver reload

Press Reload then do a dive. Your revolver will be reloaded in one second.

Gonzo gun

When you get the room in the basement where you hear your kid scream behind a wooden door, blow up the canisters near it. Open the red door and turn left. There will be a wooden box. Drag it back near the hole in the wall at the top. Climb it and you will see a dead guard. Later in the game there will be a Gonzo Gun.

Extinguishing fires

In the level where Torgue is in a big break room and a fire is blocking the door, turn the sprinkler on. Look for a drainage and block it with a soda machine. The water will then flow toward the fire and put it out. You will also use this same technique towards the end of the game, where the “fire ghost” blocks your way with fire.

Crossing the rock quarries

In the rock quarry, there is a fiery hole in the ground. Use the crane control to knock a big rock off a ledge. The rock will drop, block the fiery hole, and keep the Slayer from coming out. In the other rock quarry, after helping another inmate to cross, swing the crane towards you all the way to the left next to the platform across the way. You will have to jump onto the rock that is hanging from the crane. Get a running start and jump onto the rock. If you do not do a running start, you will not make it on top of the rock.

Passing through caves

When you get inside a cave system, leave flares in the path that you have been to. This will prevent you from coming down the same path again, wasting time and your flashlight battery. Watch out for blood spots on cave ceilings where the “decapitated chokers” appear.

Crossing the river

When you get to the point where Torque has to cross a river and the bridge is out, shoot the chock underneath the truck. The truck will roll onto the river bed. You can climb up the truck and get to other end of the bridge. In another scenario, a speeding prison bus will appear. Get out of the way and the bus will crash into the river bed.

Destroying Dr. Killjoy’s movie projectors

In the Asylum level, the key is to destroy all of Dr. Killjoy’s movie projectors. After destroying all the movie projectors, you will be able to open doors and eventually get out of the building. If you cannot destroy the projectors, find a way to block the projection. You will see these movie projectors towards the end of the game again. When you get into a room to battle Dr. Killjoy, destroy the projectors. There is one on the second floor that you cannot destroy. One will be in a crate hanging above. Find the rope end and cut it to destroy the projector. Turn the switch on next to the center table and stand underneath the contraption hanging above. Get zapped, then throw a fireball at the monster Torgue that is chained on the wall. The wall will explode, allowing you to exit the level. To defeat Dr. Killjoy in the Asylum level, you must shoot all the projectors, which can be done easily by standing on the surgical table without harm to you, since Dr. Killjoy brings the Slayers back to life anyway. There is one camera in a cage above; shoot the rope holder on the wall to destroy the camera. Another difficult one is on the second floor. It can be destroyed by shooting the fuse box below it on the wall.

Defeating Fire Ghosts

To kill the Fire Ghosts, first reduce them to an ash pile. Then, shoot the pile of ash to finish them off. Otherwise they will come back and gang up on you.

Defeating the green smoke creature

First, turn off all four pipes leaking green gas in the corners of the room. Then, shoot the rope tied on the wall, near the far end of the room, to drop the box hanging from the ceiling onto the vent that the green light is coming from. Then, shoot the other rope tied to the wall near the railed door to drop the covering to the vent. The last vent covering is in front of boxes which will explode when you shoot them. After these vents are blocked, drag the box over the vent nearest the dead inmate. Next, wait for him to get in front of the fireplace and take the from of a man. When he does this, turn the crack so that the gas pushes him into the fireplace. Then, run over and shut the door.

Defeating enemies at the dock

Use the following trick to defeat the creature on the last level at the dock. The big creature will smash open a gate that has a control device that will lower a machine that shoots out a purple beam. Dodge the creature’s attack and stand so a beam will hit you. There is a delay between beams. After being hit, you will glow. Press R1 to throw a glowing ball. Aim for the red spot on its chest. Keep throwing balls until the creature falls in the water. If you cannot throw any more balls, stand under the beam to recharge. Also in the docks, where you have to battle the “Insane” Torque, find the .50 cal machine and shoot him with it.

Defeating Slayers

After getting through the Asylum, the Slayers will start to reincarnate after being killed. The only way to keep them down is to blow off their heads.

Defeating enemies

In the level where there is a C.O. with a machine gun, go upstairs and shoot the other C.O.’s coming down the stairs. When you get upstairs, there is a hole on the floor where you can shoot the C.O. with the machine gun downstairs.

Iron Maiden references

On many of the walls you will find “If there is a God, then why has he let me die”, which is an exact quote from the song “Hallowed Be Thy Name” by Iron Maiden. Also, on two walls near the beginning of the game, the words “This is a world that has gone very wrong for me”, which is also from the same song (“In a world that has gone very wrong for me”). This is difficult to read because its written in smeared blood.

The Crucible reference

When Tork and Ernesto defeat the Inferna around the stake, Ernesto refers to the story of little girls accusing locals of witchcraft. As a result, they were burned alive for practicing witchcraft. This is a reference to The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

The Ring references

When you are in the abandoned World War II bunker, you will encounter a desk with three phones. Two of them are are green and the other is red. Pick up the red phone first and you will hear the a girl’s voice say “You will die in seven days”. Also, in Chapter 15 (An Eye For An Eye Makes The World Blind), as you come from a staircase with two small Slayers and one large Slayer, you will find yourself in a small room with white walls and a few dead COs on the walls. There will be a phone next to the door you need to go through. Pick it up, and one of the Inferna Girls (the small girls in the pink nightgowns) will say, “You will die, in seven days.”

The Shining reference

After you leave the Asylum where you do all the tasks with Doctor Killjoy, you will be in an area which has what appears to be a nine-step staircase. Walk up it and follow the wall. Sou should run into an opening that has walls made of some type of vegetation. You will hallucinate and see images of your children. As you follow them, they will run down one way. While continuing to follow them you will encounter a corpse that is sitting up against the vegetation wall, with an axe laying beside him. This is a reference to The Shining, where Jack Nicholson is chasing his son through the labyrinth and dies against one of the walls inside. Note: The Shining was also mentioned in the game’s bonus material.

Tool references

There are two references to a song by the band Tool called “Ticks and Leeches”. Early in the game look closely at one of the walls. You will see the words “Ticks & Leeches” which references the song. This is not a coincidence, as later in the game, about where the Noosemen appear, written on the wall are the words “Suck Me Dry”, which is a phrase constantly repeated in the song. Also, the phrase “I hope you choke” or “I hope you choke on this” can be found written on a wall some time before the gun fight with the guards and the man with the gun turret. This is also part of that song.

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