Act I – Bottom Of The Eighth

ACT 1 – Mission 01: Bottom of the Eighth



The game begins with multiple cut scenes that continue until Aiden begins interrogating Maurice. Partway through the interrogation you will gain control.


Objective: Shoot Maurice


Take a second to get used to the firearm controls and when you are ready, fire at Maurice.


Objective: Examine Maurice's phone for information


Another short cinematic occurs and you will regain control of Aiden after beating down Maurice for answers in a locker room. Now that you are in control, it is a good time to get acquainted with the controls (as the nothing happens until you leave the room). Look on the floor next to the nearby stool to spot Maurice's phone. To hack a device you need to look at it and hold down the X button (Xbox) or Square button (Playstation). Listen to the dialogue play out and your objective will update.


Objective: Leave the locker room when ready


Before leaving, circle around and pick up the crafting components scattered around the room (flashing objects), a system key and a bit of cash. When you are ready, head for the door leading to the objective on the map and another cut scene will begin.



Objective: Sneak past the police


After meeting Jordi and listening to his "problem solving," the police are on the way and it's time to make your exit. Keep in mind that this must be done stealthily (being spotted will fail the mission). Head down the short corridor and take cover behind the metal cage (tap A to enter cover on Xbox, X on Playstation). Use this vantage point to watch the officers at the end of the hall. When they turn away (watch the mini map to see the direction they are facing), look at the crate ahead and the cover prompt should appear. Tap the cover button again and Aiden will sprint to the new hiding place.


Wait until the officer on the right moves out of sight and then take cover against the van through the metal fence ahead. Ascend the nearby ramp (now that all the cops are looking elsewhere) and if you see an exclaimation mark icon appear, make sure to move away from the inside rail to prevent the cops below spotting you. At the top of the ramp is a dustbin you can climb onto (B for Xbox, Circle for Playstation). Climb over the rail and you will be introduced to the 'profiler.'


Objective: Hack the camera


Aiden's smartphone allows him to hack electronic devices (with increasing variety as you gain experience). For now, look at the nearby camera on the wall and hack into it. From the camera viewpoint, look through the grille above the door to gain line of sight on the camera in the next room. Take control of it and move from camera to camera in the next room until you see the control panel on the wall inside (look for the flickering white trail leading from the door to the control panel) and hack into it. When you do the door in front of Aiden should open. Back out of the camera and take control of Aiden once more.



Objective: Use a lure to distract the cop


From Aiden's position behind the bench, grab the components above his head and hold down LB to bring up the weapon wheel. Select the lure (with the right stick) and tap Y (Xbox) or Triangle (Playstation) to craft one. Make sure your new lure is selected (look at the icon at the bottom left next to your power bar) and aim at the objective marker on the wall. Tap RB to throw the lure hold down X afterwards to activate it and distract the cop.


Objective: Reach the upper level


After the cop has moved, quickly grab the handbag full of cash on the other side of the bench (you probably spotted it earlier when in control of the cameras), move along the left side of the room towards and up the escalator. You need to do this all relatively quickly as the cop will turn around after a set amount of time and spot you if you are not at the upper area yet. Approach the door up here and take cover behind the bar. A message will pop up informing you that you can use the profiler to siphon money from unsecured bank accounts of certain people.


Look at the nearby crowd with it out until you see a picture with a blue border (instead of white). A hack icon will appear when you are looking at this person and you can steal money from their account (and withdraw it at an ATM in a few seconds). After you've picked up a little cash from the crowd, head around the back of the bar and head through the open door to the next objective marker. To your right is an ATM that you can withdraw the money you just siphoned (Argg! Blue screen! Blue screen on the ATM!). With your wallet a little fatter, continue down the hall until you reach a pair of closed glass doors.


Objective: Find and hack the guard with the access code


After a little chat with Badboy17, Aiden will know the location of the access point but still needs to get the access code. Look at the camera on the far side of the room through the glass doors and hack into it. Inside the room a police lieutenant will be interrogating a security guard. The security guard has the access code you need and his image will be highlighted in red when you look at him. Hack into his equipment to retrieve the codes.


Objective: Hack into the stadium's network


After obtaining the codes, look for an control box next to a set of blue doors. This can be used to reach the basement and the server room within. Hack into the server to return to Aiden.


Objective: Create a blackout


Open the weapon wheel again and select the lightning bolt icon (blackout), this causes all plugged in electronic devices to shut off (including the lights) and means you cannot hack into any of them while they are down. Put away the smartphone for now and quickly move through the now open glass doors and take a left. At the other end of this room is an escalator you can descend to reach an eatery with the next objective marker at the end.



Objective: Escape the stadium


Aiden will have a short conversation with Jordi and be informed about a nearby set of wheels. After the chat, walk outside through the confused crowd and out into the night air.


Objective: Leave the police search area


Just like any other game involving an open world and cops, it's time to hop in a car and try to escape their search area. You can do this on foot but it is generally quicker and easier to do it in a car. Look for the yellow car icon and head towards it to find some wheels. The police appear as flashing blue and red diamonds on the map and are not actively moving around and looking for Aiden yet. This makes evasion quite simple (unless you drive directly into them). Avoid the stationary cops (and those that appear on the map when you get near them) until you are out of their search area. If you do get spotted you will get another objective.


Objective: Escape the cops


If this happens, fall back on the old hit and run tactics and get out of there. Head around corners and into alleys to break line of sight and move away from tailing vehicles. This chase is very low heat so escaping shouldn't be much hassle.



Objective: Reach your hideout


Once the police are out of Aiden's hair, look on your map for a new marker. This shows the location of your hideout. You can use the map to fast travel there instantly or take a spin around town to reach it. Once you are there, head inside the second floor room and a cut scene will take over. After a bit of dialogue you will be back in control in the room once more and in possession of your first five skill points (Yay! RPG elements!). Depending on your playstyle, choose where to put your point (stealth characters will want hacking, non stealth characters will want combat and those that love vehicles may want to place points there). After spending your points, the mission will end and you can use your bed to autosave the game (don't forget to pick up all the items scattered about the hotel room though).

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