Breakable Things

Mission 02: Breakable Things




Objective: Buy some crafting components


Before starting the mission proper, Aiden needs to stock up and take over of the control center for the area in preparation. To start with, head for the store and pick up some parts (components are pretty cheap and having a full stock of items on hand gives you more options in missions, so it's normally best to be stocked up at all times). Once Aiden is staggering under the weight of his items, the objective marker for the control center will appear, drive over to it and a new objective will appear.


Objective: Locate a guard with the access code


Approach the main gate and take control of the camera overhead. The guard you are looking for is to the rear left of the central building in the area. To reach him with the cameras, you will need to jump around the back of that building using the cameras on it and look down to see him standing still.


Objective: Download the access code


Once you have the code it's time to hack the server.



Objective: Hack the ctos server


Aiden will need to infiltrate the base physically to reach the server (it is housed in the central building). Leaving guards alive is a bad idea here as a few of them patrol into and around the central building, meaning they will spot you as you try to complete the hack (I was hacking the panel after a perfect stealth run, having killed no one and a guard patrolled inside and shot me while I was hacking the panel).


Use a silenced pistol to thin their numbers, taking care to make sure they are looking away before firing. As long as you are a decent shot, clearing the area should prove little problem. Remember to use your lures if needed to break up groups or to move them into your line of fire.


If it does escalate to combat, swap out your pistol for an assault rifle and go to town. Prioritize the reinforcement summoning enemies and methodically clear the area. Aiden is always quite fragile in a firefight, so use your cover well to keep him in one piece.


Either way, once the area is clear, enter the central building and hack into the access panel there. Once you are inside, hack the server and a new objective marker will appear on the map. Back out of the camera, leave the control center and drive to the new destination.


Objective: Find the access code to Racine's office


Once again, approach the main entrance and take control of the camera overhead. The person holding the code is inside a building on the right hand side of the area. Jump to the cameras near the rear of the open area and look for a garage door you can hack to open and close. You need to reach the camera inside that room next. Take control of the camera next to the door and jump inside the room to the camera in the right corner.


Pick up the audio log if you want and cross to the camera in the small side room. A camera on the opposite wall will give you a good view of the room and the guard holding the access code. He should be standing on a platform above the floor level. Grab the code and back out of the camera.



Objective: Search Racine's office for clues on Nicky


Time to head in personally once more. One approach is to try and head up to the roof using forklifts and climb up to the second floor to disable the access panel, but the forklift can backfire as it attracts enemies in the area. Most people will want to use a similar approach to the previous control center but a word of advice first. Close the hackable door of the building on the right first. This prevents the enforcer walking out into the yard and spotting you as you take down his friends (avoid using the explosive panel near the door as we can use that).


Once the outer area is clear, take cover and hack the camera over the door from a decent distance. When the enforcer walks outside (he should be alerted automatically but if he isn't, throw a lure and activate it). When he walks out, wait until he approaches the explosive point and then blow him up. Even if it doesn't kill him, he should be weakened quite a bit.


Finish him off with your assault rifle or sniper rifle and continue your violent crusade inside the building. Instead of heading right (like you did with the cameras) head left and up the staircase to reach an access panel to hack. Now the door is open, head into Racine's office and hack his computer.


Objective: Hack Racine's phone


Aiden will take control of a camera in a nearby garage, showing Racine preparing to escape. Can't have that now can we?



Objective: Take down target


After backing out of the computer, prepare to meet an enforcer outside of the office as you leave. An explosion hack point is just behind him, so blow him up. Quickly pick up his gun and sprint downstairs and outside before hopping into a car. This chase will be a bit tougher than previous ones due to the toughness of the getaway vehicle.


The same general strategy applies though, use your neutralize points, ram the getaway car when possible and if he crashes but is not dead throw a grenade at his car and then hightail it in yours. Depending on your driving skills, this will either be a quick and easy part of the mission or a slog (as each time you fail, you backtrack to the office).



Objective: Escape the club reinforcements


You should be good at evasion by now, speed and neutralizing are your friends as always. After making it outside the search area, the mission will conclude.


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