By Any Means Necessary

Mission 06: By Any Means Necessary




Note: Make sure you have at least one blackout item and it is easy to access on your weapon wheel before starting the mission. You will also want to be well stocked on explosives and/ or crafting components for the final section of this mission.


Objective: Enter rossi-fremont


Approach the base and head to the south-west corner to find an open gate. You don't have to bother killing all the goons out here. In fact, you only have to reach the door at the rear of the area. Head along the south wall of the base, taking down any threats and keeping an eye out for the two snipers next to the marked door at the back of the base.


The snipers are now elite level, so you need to decide if you want to risk picking them off with the pistol or just try and stealth past them. When you reach the door, take cover as best you can and get that blackout prepped for action. Activate it once T-Bone tells you to and quickly get inside.



Objective: Reach Iraq's server room


This is the third time you have traveled through this building, so by now it should be pretty easy to find your way around. Burst through the second doorway inside and immediately take cover. Two gang members will be patrolling the level above (easily taken out with a silenced pistol) and shortly afterwards the elevator across from you will disgorge a trio of elites (one well placed grenade can take out the lot). After clearing the ground floor, enter the now vacant elevator and travel upstairs.


In the elevator, pull out a powerful assault rifle (if you didn't already) and when the doors open, rush forwards to take cover. An elite will rush down the ramp and engage you directly as you exit the elevator, while two more veterans will fire away from the other end of the floor. Take out the elite first (he poses an actual threat) and then pick off the other two. On the other side of this floor, underneath the ramp is an unlockable room filled with ammo, an audio log and other goodies to pick up.


Scale the ramp when you are ready to find a waiting pair of veterans at the top. Grab cover and fire away. After taking them out, head for the map marker. In the next room after the marker is another audio log to pick up and an access panel to unlock. Head through the now open door to find the next room packed with enemies (on this floor and above).


Find some solid cover (like the small room you just came in from) and start working on clearing the room. An enforcer will be standing in the middle, so you may want to use an IED (safer and less likely to backfire) to knock him to the ground and make him easy prey for an automatic weapon.


Proceed cautiously to the ladder at the back of the room when the room is clear and rush up it. At the top, take cover from the two waiting enemies and get rid of them. Head out into the hallway and immediately take cover because an enforcer and several enemies are waiting at the other end. Due to the long distance, explosives aren't going to be much help here. But do note the explosive point on the wall just ahead of the enforcer. You can either try to take him down with a hail of powerful bullets or lure him forward and detonate the explosive point. Whichever strategy suits you. Once the enforcer is out of the way, the remaining goons should be easy to dispose of.



Head towards the mission marker once again (grabbing the audio log just before it) and climb the ladder at the other end of the room. At the top, take cover once more as the room will be swarming with gang members. There is no enforcer this time, so eliminating these guys should be pretty simple. Use the explode points, take your shots and they will go down. Head for the next marker to reach a familiar hallway. Two enemies are at the other end and will deal heavy damage if you just run out.


A door on the left in this hallway leads to a room full of cash, an audio log and some crafting components. After grabbing everything, take cover and wait for the patrolling enemy to appear before wasting him. Then sneak up and quickly finish off the second sentry. That's it for enemies for now. Continue following the markers, As you approach the final marker, a new objective will appear.


Objective: Download all server data


Approach the monitor in the server room and start the download.


Objective: Leave rossi-fremont


Once the download is complete, follow the new marker and another objective will pop up.



Objective: Follow Iraq


Time to chase after the leader. Drop down to the level below when you regain control and look behind you for some ammo and an IED. This is where you want those explosives and powerful weaponry as we are about to have the first boss fight in this game. After a minutes worth of taunting, three elites will appear on the map (positions changing each time based on your location). Throw down some IEDs or grenades to take them out quickly and then prepare for an enforcer and Iraq (after the necessary thirty seconds of taunting).


The enforcer is your biggest problem here (Iraq himself acts like a regular veteran unit). Prep the enforcers path with some IEDs, Use the nearby explode points or peg grenades. Your biggest threat is the enforcer getting close enough to push you out of cover. If he does, there is very little chance of survival. Be aggressive, knock the enforcer down as much as possible and then finish off Iraq.



Objective: Leave rossi-fremont


Head for the new map marker and you will teleport back to the entrance doors. Head outside into the fresh air as the mission ends. One down.


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