Mission 06: Jury-Rigged




Objective: Locate a guard with the access code


Just like some earlier missions, Aiden will need to hack into the control center for the area before attempting the mission. To get started, jump the fence in the south west corner of the compound and scamper towards the nearby garage. Next to it is a blue lift you can use to reach the roof (you will want to distract or take out the guard at the gate (take-down or silenced pistol). Ride the lift to the roof. From here, you should be able to spot the guard with access codes (he should be in front of the garage whose roof you are standing on).



Objective: Download access code


Hack his phone.


Objective: Hack the ctos server


Now, this is where you choose your approach. Players who want to try stealth can throw a lure directly ahead from the garage roof and try to distract the cluster of guards before dropping down from the roof towards the new objective marker and hacking into the system (the danger of this approach is any returning guards spotting you).


More aggressive players may want to use this advantageous position to pick off enemies with a silenced pistol. This spot should allow you to get rid of most of the camp without moving, although you may need to drop down to deal with any far away stragglers. Players who enjoy combat can raise the protectors on the roof and just open fire, due to your position, the fight will be pretty one sided.


Whatever approach you take, when you are done head for the control panel marker and complete the pipe dream hack. When you succeed, hack into the server to complete the objective. Now a new marker will appear on the map which shows where the mission proper will begin. Hop in a car and head for it.


Objective: Disable all three security terminals


Due to the off the grid nature of the compound, you will not be able to rely on camera hopping to make it through undetected. Aiden will instead need to reach all three terminals physically and disable them. The enemies here are relatively spread out, making them easy prey for take-downs and silenced pistols (and without cameras, allies won't be alerted unless they are quite close to the body).



There are only two complications to this area. Two snipers are up on scaffolding at the rear of the area (next to the central terminal) and are more likely to spot you than the ground troops. Pick them off as soon as you are within range (no-one will notice when they die as they are too far away), just make sure not to miss. The other problem is the pairs of enemies at two of the terminals. Use lures to move them away or split them up to take them out.


Other than that, it's a stealth clear out of the area. The enemies are mostly regular troops with the occasional veteran scattered around, so single pistol shots will take them down. If you do trigger the alarm, the area is strewn with quite good cover so a firefight shouldn't be to difficult to win (can depend on how many enemies are dead before the trigger though). Disable all three terminals and pick up the audio log if you like. Grab any weapons or ammo you need as well.



Objective: The gate is open, unlock the ctos tower


If you cleared out the enemies, walk boldly over to the gate and head inside. If not, creep over to the new marker on the map and head inside. An audio log will be right in front of Aiden as he enters. Interact with the access panel here to unlock the tower.



Objective: Leave the area


If you killed everyone, walk out. Otherwise, make your way carefully back to the exit and find a car. Drive out of the area to complete the mission.


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