12 Labours Of Hercules 3: Girl Power


Easy "Anti-theft Speed" achievement

Play Level 3-8: "Delicatessen" on the Normal difficulty. Observe the "Take the Wrench" task to learn the way to the buttons. There are two gold respawn points. The first is at the top in the "Great Gold Mine", and the other is on the left side in the "Medium Gold Mine". Always watch those two points so servants can collect the gold before the thieves as soon as it appears. Collect as much cheese and wood as possible while cleaning the road. Upgrade the Small Home as soon as possible. You can collect gold and clear the way easier with three servants. Activate the button with three pits first, but do not select the saplings at this time or more thieves will appear. Then, activate the button after the tooth. To do this, you will need enough gold to go to the three small crystals and take all the steaks. You should have enough food to break the stones, and can activate the last button. On the same road of the final button, select the sapling and farm food to get the Wrench and complete the level to get the "Anti-theft Speed" achievement.

Easy "Overlord" achievement

You actually only need to break the dev's record five times in various levels to get the "Overlord" achievement. The easiest levels to complete this on are Levels 1-1 through 1-4, and 4-8.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Anti-theft Speed: Prevent thief from stealing resources during a single level!
    Autolycus: Outsmart a thief by stealing something from him - right from under his nose!
    Champion of Champions: Earn every achievement!
    Commander: Call upon 5 characters.
    Croesus: Collect 100 golds.
    Demeter's Grace: Collect 100 resources of any kind with Demeter's Obelisk!
    Double bonus: Use 2 different bonuses together.
    First Gold: Complete 3 levels in Gold time.
    Gold Chain: Complete all levels in Gold time!
    Juggler: Call upon 3 different characters simultaneously.
    Longbowman: Stop all aerial attacks on a single level within 3 seconds!
    Overlord: Beat a Developer's Record 10 times!
    Persistence: Use the same bonus again before its time runs out.
    Puzzler: Find 5 puzzle pieces!
    Road worker: Remove 4 obstacles using the 'Work Faster!' bonus!
    Speedster: Activate the 'Run Faster!' bonus with a complete Hermes' Obelisk!
    Strategist: Complete a level in Gold time without using any bonuses.
    Superior: Beat a Developer's Record!
    The Golden Mean: Complete 20 levels in Gold time!
    The Greatest Challenge: Complete the super-bonus level in Gold time!
    The Kingdom of Midas: Complete four bonus levels in Gold time!
    Trickster: Servant must collect one resource once all objectives have been met.
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