Empire Earth: The Art Of Conquest


Cheat Codes

Select "Random Map" mode, then enable the "Cheat Codes" option at the setup screen. While playing the game, press [Enter], type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Full map and all resourcesmy name is methos
100,000 of all resources all your base are belong to us
1000 more goldatm
1000 more woodyou said wood
1000 more rockrock&roll
1000 more ironcreatine
1000 more foodboston food sucks
Full mapasus drivers
Display all codesdisplay cheat
Win gamesomebody set up us the bomb
Lose game; may freeze the gameahhhcool
No resourcesthe big dig
No goldboston rent
No wooduh, smoke?
No foodslimfast
No irongirlyman
No rockmine your own business
Remove objects from mapheadshot
Reveal entire map and remove fog of warbam
View fish and animalscolumbus
Restore energy to selected Prophet/Hero/Mana useri have the power
Instant building and research brainstorm
Building of all structures completed [Note]coffee train
Free upgrade to lvl.10 for all units (not citizens) the quotable patella
Planes refueled in mid-airfriendly skies

Note: If the building has just been laid down and not started on by a civilian, you can walk through the building. This problem is particularly with walls.

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