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Night 6 and a star

At the title screen, hold C + D + 1 (on the top row of keys) to unlock Night 6 and a gold star.

Night 7 and second star

After enabling the "Night 6 and a star" code, hold C + D + 2 (on the top row of keys) at the title screen to unlock Night 7 and a second gold star.

Complete current night

Highlight Freddy's nose on the poster, then hold the Left Mouse Button + C + D and press [Keypad Plus] to immediately advance to the clock ticking victory screen.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    BB doll: Successfully complete Night Of Misfits in the Custom Night.
    Bonnie doll: Successfully complete Double Trouble in the Custom Night.
    Chica doll: Successfully complete Ladies Night in the Custom Night.
    Cupcake plushie: Successfully complete Cupcake Challenge in the Custom Night.
    Custom Night: Successfully complete Night 6.
    Foxy doll: Successfully complete Foxy Foxy in the Custom Night.
    Freddy Fazbear doll: Successfully complete Freddy's Circus in the Custom Night.
    Golden Freddy doll: Successfully complete Golden Freddy in the Custom Night.
    Microphone: Successfully complete Fazbear Fever in the Custom Night.
    Night 6: Successfully complete Night 5.
    Toy Bonnie figurine: Successfully complete New & Shiny in the Custom Night.

Main menu gold stars

Successfully complete the indicated task to have the corresponding gold star appear at the main menu:

    First star: Successfully complete Night 5.
    Second star: Successfully complete Night 6.
    Third star: Successfully complete the Custom Night with every A.I. level set to 20.

Use flashlight with mask on

While equipping the mask, hold [Ctrl] to use the flashlight. The flashlight will remain on while you have the mask on. If you release [Ctrl], you will not be able to use the flashlight again until the mask is removed.

Honking nose

Find the "Celebrate" poster to the left. Select New Freddy's nose to hear it honk.

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