Ninja Blade

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ

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Easy mode

Die ten times.

QTE Easy mode

Miss the same QTE action ten times.

Moonlight sword

Collect all nine Moji. Then, go to Chapter 5, and enter the new cave to get the large sword and upgrade it.

Ninja Blade weapon

Successfully complete Chapter 8 to unlock the Ninja Blade.

Ninjitsu Protective Barrier

Successfully complete all missions on the Hard difficulty to unlock the Ninjitsu Protective Barrier.

Tsuinetanarunaifu (Twin Eternal Knives) weapon

Get an "A" rank in all chapters, then upgrade the dual swords to the maximum to unlock the Tsuinetanarunaifu (Twin Eternal Knives) weapon.

Seeing your character

Choose a very light color for your appearance in order to distinguish your character better from his background.

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