realMyst: Masterpiece Edition

Corey Feldman Interview

8-bit Myst style graphics

Link to the Mechanical Age. Enter the more lavishly decorated chamber. Open the chequered box next to the throne, and click the Myst CD-ROM that is inside. Repeat the process to return to normal.

Cosmic-Osmo black and white style graphics

Raise the cogs to get to the clock tower on Myst Island. Open the door, and go around the back of the tower. Click the two floppy disks at the base. Repeat the process to return to normal.

Grey scale graphics

Successfully complete the game, then return to Myst Island. Go to the Selenitic Age book in the spaceship. Link to Selenitic, then look up to find a pair of fuzzy dice. Look to the floor of the ship (opposite to the door) to find a Cosmic Osmo CD-ROM. Click the disc to play in grey scale graphics. Click the CD-ROM again to return to normal.

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