Charcadet Evolution Guide: Stats, Moves, Type, And Location

A trainer sending Ceruledge to battle in Pokemon Violet.

Charcadet Evolution Guide: Stats, Moves, Type, And Location

Fire Pokémon remains among the most popular of all types. The Generation IX games Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet introduced trainers to a new fire-type pocket monster named Charcadet. Although it can only evolve once, this Pokémon has a unique evolutionary tree in that Charcadet can evolve into either Armarouge or Ceruledge. Furthermore, Charcadet evolution requires the use of a special in-game item.

In this article, we’ll guide you through Charcadet’s evolutionary tree, from its cute “fire child” form to the mighty Armarouge and Ceruledge. We’ll lay out the stats, moves, strengths, and vulnerabilities of each Charcadet evolution and how to evolve yours into your chosen form.

Charcadet: Where to Find it

A shot of the Paldea region from Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

Charcadet is a Fire-type Pokémon new to the ninth-generation games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, released in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. Like many Pokémon, Charcadet is quite cute and rather diminutive in its first evolutionary form, measuring a mere two feet tall despite being a humanoid creature that stands on two legs.

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Charcadet is a wild Pokémon. Trainers can catch one fairly early in the player’s journey through Paldea, the region featured in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Trainers can catch Charcadet in Areas Three, Four, and Five of the South Province; Areas One, Two, Three, and Tagtree Thicket in the East Province; and Areas One, Two, Three, and Asado Desert in the West Province of Paldea. Note that this is the same for both versions of the game.

Charcadet: Base Stats and Learned Moves

As a standard Fire-type, Charcadet is strong against Bug, Steel, Grass, and Ice Pokémon but is weak against Ground, Rock, and Water attacks. Its base stats are as follows:

  • Hit Points: 40
  •  Attack: 50
  •  Defense: 40
  •  Special Attack: 50
  •  Special Defense: 40
  •  Speed: 35

Charcadet has a fairly basic set of moves that it learns through leveling up. Excluding level 1 moves, these are:

  • Level 8: Clear Smog (Poison)
  •  Level 12: Fire Spin (Fire)
  •  Level 16: Will-O-Wisp (Fire)
  •  Level 20: Night Shade (Ghost)
  •  Level 24: Flame Charge (Fire)
  •  Level 28: Incinerate (Fire)
  •  Level 32: Lava Plume (Fire)

Given that you can catch Charcadet fairly early on, but the item required for making it evolve is not available until quite a bit later, it is likely to learn all of these moves as it levels up. It can also learn many moves from Technical Machines (TM) acquired in-game.

Charcadet Evolution: How to Evolve into Armarouge

A shot of Armarouge from Pokemon Scarlet.

Charcadet evolution is unique because it is the only Pokémon introduced in Generation IX to have a branched evolutionary tree. Trainers must use a special item to evolve their Charcadets: The Auspicious Armor, which evolves Charcadet into Armarouge, or the Malicious Armor, which evolves the Pokémon into Ceruledge. We’ll focus on Armarouge first.

Trainers can acquire the Auspicious Armor from the man next to the fountain in Zapapico in Pokémon Scarlet. Give him ten Bronzor Fragments, and he’ll give you the armor in exchange. Note that Pokémon Violet players can only acquire the Auspicious Armor via trade with another player.

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After you have the Auspicious Armor, use it on your Charcadet, and it will evolve into Armarouge. Amarouge is a hybrid Fire/Psychic-type, making it unique among Pokémon.

Armarouge: Base Stats and Learned Moves

Armarouge is considerably more powerful than Charcadet, as you’d imagine. Its base stats are:

  • HP: 85
  •  Attack: 60
  •  Defense: 100
  •  Sp. Atk: 125
  •  Sp. Def: 80
  •  Speed: 75

That gives Armarouge 525 base stat points before leveling – more than double Charcadet’s 255. Trainers should notice a considerably more capable Pokémon after evolving their Charcadets. As a Fire/Psychic-type, Armarouge has the strengths and weaknesses of both. Its Fire-typing weakens it to Ground, Rock, and Water moves but is resistant to Fighting, Steel, Fire, Grass, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy attacks.

Armarouge performing an arm cannon attack in Pokemon Scarlet.

The Auspicious Armor or Malicious Armor (depending on which version of the game you’re playing) used to induce Charcadet evolution is available in a higher-level area. If you caught a Charcadet early and leveled it up, you shouldn’t worry about missing out on any of its moves. However, Armarouge’s learned moveset is a bit different:

  • Upon Evolution: Psyshock Psychic)
  •  Level 8: Clear Smog Poison)
  •  Level 12: Fire Spin Fire)
  •  Level 16: Will-O-Wisp Fire)
  •  Level 20: Night Shade Ghost)
  •  Level 24: Flame Charge Fire)
  •  Level 28: Incinerate Fire)
  •  Level 32: Lava Plume Fire)
  •  Level 37: Calm Mind Psychic)
  •  Level 42: Ally Switch Psychic)
  •  Level 48: Flamethrower (Fire)
  •  Level 56: Expanding Force (Psychic)
  •  Level 62: Armor Cannon (Fire)

This might be something to keep in mind if you’ve got a low-level Charcadet you plan on evolving into Armarouge via the Auspicious Armor.

Charcadet Evolution: How to Evolve into Ceruledge

An in-game shot of Ceruledge from Pokemon VIolet.

The particular item available for Charcadet evolution depends on which version of the game you’re playing. As mentioned above, Pokémon Scarlet players can get the Auspicious armor in exchange for ten Bronzor Fragments. In Pokémon Violet, you can instead receive the Malicious Armor in exchange for ten Sinistea Chips. The person who gives you the armor is also a woman, located in the same spot – by the fountain next to the Pokémon Center in Zapapico.

When used on Charcadet, the Malicious Armor causes it to instantly evolve into Ceruledge, a powerful hybrid Fire/Ghost-type Pokémon. If you’re playing Pokémon Violet and wish to evolve your Charcadet into Armarouge, you’ll have to trade with another player to get the Auspicious Armor.

Ceruledge: Base Stats and Learned Moves

Ceruledge has the same base stat points as Armarouge – 525 – but the stat distribution is slightly different. Here are Ceruledge’s base stats:

  • HP: 75
  •  Attack: 125
  •  Defense: 80
  •  Sp. Atk: 60
  •  Sp. Def: 100
  •  Speed: 85

Compared side-by-side with Armarouge, Ceruledge has lower base hit points but higher speed. Ceruledge also focuses on physical attack stat (125 vs. Armarouge’s 60) but lags well behind in the Special Attack department (60 compared to Amarouge’s 125). Basically, Ceruledge and Armarouge have opposite Attack and Sp. Atk distributions. When choosing which Charcadet evolution best fits your fighting style, this is something to consider.

Ceruledge performing an attack in Pokemon Violet.

Being a Fire/Ghost-type Pokémon, you might expect more Ghost-type attacks in Ceruledge’s learned moveset. Excluding level 1 moves, here’s what Ceruledge can learn as it levels up:

  • Upon Evolving: Shadow Claw (Ghost)
  •  Level 8: Clear Smog (Poison)
  •  Level 12: Fire Spin (Fire)
  •  Level 16: Will-O-Wisp (Fire)
  •  Level 20: Night Shade (Ghost)
  •  Level 24: Flame Charge (Fire )
  •  Level 28: Incinerate (Fire)
  •  Level 32: Lava Plume (Fire)
  •  Level 37: Swords Dance (Normal)
  •  Level 42: Ally Switch (Psychic)
  •  Level 48: Bitter Blade (Fire)
  •  Level 56: Psycho Cut (Psychic)
  •  Level 62: Flare Blitz (Fire)

As you can see, Ceruledge only learns two Ghost-type moves, and one of them immediately upon evolving. Yet, unlike Armarouge, Ceruledge can learn four moves via the Move Reminder: Night Slash (Dark), Shadow Sneak (Ghost), Quick Guard (Fighting), and Solar Blade (Grass).

That gives Ceruledge a few more moves to play with, including a physical Ghost-type attack. And, of course, Ceruledge and Armarouge can learn plenty of moves from TMs you can acquire throughout your adventures.

Charcadet Evolution: Final Word

At first glance, Charcadet may appear to be little more than a cute new Fire-type Pokémon. However, this pocket monster is one of the more unique additions to the Generation XI titles, as it’s the only new Pokémon in the game with a branching evolutionary path. Hopefully, this knowledge has helped you decide which Charcadet evolution is better for your team. Whether you opt for the Fire/Psychic-type Armarouge or the Fire/Ghost-type Ceruledge, we don’t doubt that either will be a worthy companion on your journey through Paldea.

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