Ship Simulator: Maritime Search And Rescue


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A fisherman's story: You showed endurance in the search.
    A knight in shining armour: You weathered the largest hurricane on the Baltic Sea!
    Air Cushion Hero: You correctly attached an air cushion.
    Back to life for the buoy bumper: You helped revive the Buoy Bumper.
    Buoy Bumper Rescuer: You helped the Buoy Bumper.
    Collision Expert: You managed a nasty collision perfectly.
    correct interrogator: You asked the right questions.
    Crusader of the Witt Cliff: You solved Witt-ness!
    Cut on the Cutter: You helped a fishing cutter.
    Drift anchor to the rescue!: You brought the Störtebeker new hope.
    Empathic thinker: You've been thinking a lot.
    Escort for Annabell: You escorted the Annabell to Heligoland.
    Exhausted in exhaust: You prevented exhaust fume poisoning.
    Explicit lyrics: You caught a gangster.
    Federal Cross of Merit: You held out till the end!
    Firefighter at Sea: You extinguished your first fire on a ship!
    First Rescue: You completed your first rescue!
    Guru of the Baltic Sea: You're a class of your own on the Baltic Sea.
    Guru of the North Sea: You're a class of your own on the North Sea.
    Harbor Master: You've proved yourself at mooring for the first time.
    Helicopter Reinforcements: You requested helicopter reinforcements at the right time.
    Hurricane Hero: You weathered the storm.
    Inspection King of the Baltic Sea: You proved yourself in the free cruise with the Harro Koebke.
    Inspection King of the North Sea: You proved yourself in the free cruise with the Hermann Marwede.
    Mindful mate: You are a mindful mate.
    Motormouth: You found the cell phone.
    Preventer of Cat-astrophe: You helped a couple of young catamaranis.
    Proof of comradeship: You are a true comrade!
    Pump, Hermann, pump!: You prevented the worst from happening to the LaVita.
    Pumplayer: You successfully handed over a pump.
    Radio Consultant: You're a great radio consultant!
    Radio Rookie: You used the radio for the first time!
    Raiders of the deepest draft: You explored the depths in difficult company.
    Realist: You assessed realistically.
    Rescue Racer: You rescued LaVita.
    Sea Rescuer diploma: You've found your calling.
    Selena turns again!: You helped the Selena out of her tangle.
    Sherlock!: You solved the puzzle at the Witt Cliff.
    Slippery decisions: You prevented the Störtebeker from being smashed to pieces.
    Sonar Expert: You are the sonar expert.
    Sonar Specialist: You determined the depths correctly.
    Survived the Maelstrom: You guided the Schwantine perfectly.
    Swenja is save: You rescued Swenja.
    Teacher of Jedis, you are!: You read the riot act to the Catamaran Knights.
    Teamworker: You're a great team player.
    Through the fog: You rescued stray fishermen.
    Trouble Spotter: You extinguished the fire on the Rudi.
    Vanguard: You weathered the maelstrom.
    Womanzier of the Sea: You towed the Fat Suzie.
    Young captain for a day: You used the orbiter view for the first time!
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