Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    A Chilled Breeze (Silver): Complete the Ice Age Levels.
    A Nutty Rival (Bronze): Complete Nuts About Scrat.
    A Sicky Situation (Bronze): Complete Grave Danger.
    Ace Shooter (Bronze): Complete Flight of the Pterodactyl.
    Always Follow the Rules! (Bronze): Complete Expect the Unexpected!
    Amber Crystal Collector (Silver): Collect all 16 Crystals in set 3.
    Baby Proofer (Bronze): Complete Baby Proofing.
    Blue Crystal Collector (Silver): Collect all 16 Crystals in set 5.
    Cyan Crystal Collector (Silver): Collect all 16 Crystals in set 1.
    Dedicated Collector (Gold): Collect all 5 sets of 16 Crystals.
    Diego's Challenge (Silver): Complete Diego's Challenge in Under 45 seconds.
    Dino Fighter Pilot (Silver): Score 700 or more in Flight of the Pterodactyl Challenge.
    Egbert, Shelly and Yoko (Bronze): Complete Egg Roll.
    Egg Hunt (Bronze): Complete Lonesome Sloth.
    Escape! (Bronze): Complete Run Sid Run!
    Escaping From the Unknown (Silver): Complete the Levels Below the Ice.
    Final Showdown (Bronze): Complete Skeleton Bridge.
    Going Home (Gold): Complete the Game.
    Helping Scrat (Bronze): Complete Scrat's Jungle Jive.
    In Love (Bronze): Complete Scrat's Tar Pit Trouble.
    Keen Gardener (Bronze): Complete Flower Power.
    Meeting Buck (Bronze): Complete Buck to the Rescue.
    Momma's Challenge (Silver): Score 350 or more in Run Sid Run Challenge.
    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Earn all the Gold, Silver and Bronze Trophies Within Ice Age 3.
    Protect the Babies (Bronze): Complete Noisy Nightlife.
    Pterodactyl Assault (Silver): Complete Saving Sid Challenge in Under 2 minutes 50 seconds.
    Pterosaur Troubles (Bronze): Complete Saving Sid.
    Purple Crystal Collector (Silver): Collect all 16 Crystals in set 2.
    Pursuit (Bronze): Complete The Pursuit.
    Quiet Time (Silver): Score 700 or more in The Noisy Nightlife Challenge.
    Red Crystal Collector (Silver): Collect all 16 Crystals in set 4.
    Rescue Egbert (Silver): Complete Egg Roll Challenge 1 in Under 1 minute, 40 seconds.
    Rescue Operation (Bronze): Complete Root of all Evil.
    Rescue Shelly (Silver): Complete Egg Roll Challenge 2 in Under 1 minute 15 seconds.
    Rescue Sid (Bronze): Complete Rudy's Revenge.
    Rescue Yoko (Silver): Complete Egg Roll Challenge 3 in Under 1 minute 45 seconds.
    Rudy's Challenge (Silver): Score 450 or more in Rudy's Revenge Challenge.
    Scrat's Time Challenge 1 (Silver): Complete Nuts about Scrat Challenge in Under 1 minute.
    Scrat's Time Challenge 2 (Silver): Complete Scrat's Jungle Jive Challenge in Under 2 minutes 15 seconds.
    Scrat's Time Challenge 3 (Silver): Complete Scrat's Tar Pit Trouble Challenge in Under 2 minutes.
    The Development Team (Bronze): View the Credits.
    The Early Bird (Bronze): Complete Sid's Early Start.
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