Soul Calibur 2 HD Online



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Tale of Sword and Soul (Platinum): Unlock all the trophies.
    Flame Wielder (Silver): Victorious over Inferno in Arcade.
    Swordsman's Soirée (Gold): Unlock All Characters.
    Guard Breaker (Bronze): Successful Guard Break.
    Ephemeral Battle (Bronze): Guard Impact Triple Success.
    The Abyss (Bronze): Ten Ring Out Victories.
    Azure Soul (Silver): Three Successful Soul Charge Hits.
    One Shot is All (Bronze): Ten Victories in Extra Survival Death Match.
    Hard-earned Fortune (Silver): Victorious in Sudden Death.
    Sturm und Drang (Bronze): Standard Time Attack Cleared.
    Comrade in Arms (Bronze): Team Battle Cleared.
    Comeback Kid (Bronze): Ten Successful Counter Hits.
    Mind's Eye (Bronze): Five Successful Throw Escapes.
    Moment's Notice (Silver): Used Guard Impact against a Guard Break move.
    Eternally Unscathed (Silver): Twenty Perfect Victories.
    Bloodluster (Silver): Ten Thousand Hits.
    First Trial (Bronze): First Trial Point Cleared in Weapon Master.
    Soul-Consuming Sword (Silver): Acquired Complete Soul Edge in Weapon Master.
    Soul Calibur (Gold): Acquired Soul Calibur in Weapon Master.
    Incessant Swordsman (Bronze): Became Lv 6 "Platinum Neophyte" in Weapon Master.
    Legendary General (Bronze): Became Lv 40 "Gold Mercenary" in Weapon Master.
    Edge Master (Gold): Became Lv 72 "Iron Edgemaster" in Weapon Master.
    Skilled Shopper (Bronze): Purchased New Weapon in Weapon Master Shop.
    Expert Style (Bronze): Obtained New Costume in Weapon Master Shop.
    Master of Arms (Gold): Obtained All Weapons in Weapon Master.
    Exemplary Fortitude (Silver): Defeated 50 Male Characters.
    Resplendence (Silver): Defeated 50 Female Characters.
    Mark of the Gladiator (Bronze): First Victory in Online Mode.
    Against All Odds (Gold): Won 5 Times in Online Mode.
    Battlefield Luminary (Silver): Fought 10 Times in Online Mode.
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