Catlateral Damage

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Pawlatinum! (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.
    Cat Training Complete! (Bronze): Complete the tutorial.
    Mess Maker (Bronze): Knock over 1,000 objects.
    Major Mess Maker (Silver): Knock over 5,000 objects.
    Ultra Mess Maker (Gold): Knock over 20,000 objects.
    Objective Pro (Silver): Get a score of 2,000 or more in Objective Mode.
    Litterbox Whiz (Silver): Get a score of 2,000 or more in Litterbox Mode.
    Catastrophe (Bronze): Complete 10 levels total in Objective Mode.
    Cataclysm (Silver): Complete 50 levels total in Objective Mode.
    Time to Clean the Litterbox (Bronze): Play in Litterbox Mode for an hour.
    The Cat Life (Bronze): Be a cat for 30 minutes straight.
    Night at the Mewseum (Bronze): Unlock and complete the mewseum in Objective Mode.
    Supermarkat Sweep (Bronze): Unlock and complete the supermarkat in Objective Mode.
    Purrfessional Cathlete (Gold): Play with 100 cat toys.
    All Pawerful (Gold): Max out all skills.
    Mouse Catcher (Bronze): Catch a mouse.
    Mouse Hunter (Silver): Catch 10 mice.
    Seeing Red (Bronze): Defeat the laser pointer.
    Furiends Furever (Gold): Unlock all playable cats.
    Photo Gatherer (Bronze): Collect 10 photos.
    Photo Collector (Silver): Collect 100 photos.
    Photo Hoarder (Gold): Collect 200 photos.
    This and That (Bronze): Topple 50 unique objects.
    These and Those (Silver): Topple 150 unique objects.
    Time Trial (Silver): Finish an objective in under 1 minute 30 seconds.
    Hovercat (Bronze): Stay airborne for 3 seconds.
    Mine! (Bronze): Carry an object for 1 minute.
    Look Ma, No Paws! (Silver): Complete an objective without using paws.
    Big Meowth (Bronze): Meow a lot.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Bigger Meowth (Silver): Meow a whole bunch.
    This Thing in Particular (Bronze): Only knock over 1 object in a level.
    Well Behaved (Bronze): Don't knock over anything in a level.
    Cat Nap (Bronze): Take a nap.
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