Gundam Breaker 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Master Of Breaker 3 (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
    EX Master (Bronze): EX-Actions at maximum level.
    Burst Master (Bronze): Burst Actions set to maximum level.
    EX Collector (Silver): Learn all EX-Actions.
    Burst Collector (Silver): Learn all Burst Actions.
    Novice Gunpla Builder (Bronze): Unlock Parts Synthesis.
    Veteran Gunpla Builder (Bronze): Create LV10 parts.
    Legendary Gunpla Builder (Silver): Create LV30 parts.
    Attach this to the memory circuit (Bronze): Equip the SD Module.
    Destroyer of Gundams (Bronze): Destroy a PG machine for the first time.
    Execute Jet Stream Attack! (Bronze): Give commands to an ally via Radio Chat.
    Rescue successful! (Bronze): Revive a downed ally in locked state.
    That's the name of your Gunpla! (Bronze): Change the default machine name.
    Super Coordinator (Bronze): Exchange an avatar at the shop for the first time.
    Beautiful Box Art (Bronze): Buy a Gunpla from the shop for the first time.
    I am a Master Grade! (Bronze): Customise your machine with all MG parts.
    Even so, there's a core I want to protect! (Bronze): Clear an area with at least 75% core durability.

Additionally, there are 24 secret trophies:

    Town Cup Championship 1 (Silver): Win the Town Cup.
    Regional Cup Championship (Silver): Win the Regional Cup.
    Japan Cup Championship (Silver): Win the Japan Cup.
    Asia Tour Conquered (Silver): Win the Gunpla Battle Tour Asia Finals.
    Trophy restored (Gold): Complete all main chapters.
    Town Cup Championship 2 (Silver): Win the Town Cup at extreme difficulty.
    Regional Cup Championship 2 (Silver): Win the Regional Cup at extreme difficulty.
    Japan Cup Championship 2 (Silver): Win the Japan Cup at extreme difficulty.
    Asia Tour Conquered 2 (Silver): Win the Gunpla Battle Tour Asia Finals at extreme difficulty.
    Extreme Breaker (Gold): Clear at extreme difficulty.
    Natural (Silver): Clear all chapter 1 missions at Newtype difficulty.
    Cyber-Newtype (Silver): Clear all chapter 2 missions at Newtype difficulty.
    X-Rounder (Silver): Clear all chapter 3 missions at Newtype difficulty.
    Innovator (Silver): Clear all chapter 4 missions at Newtype difficulty.
    Newtype (Gold): Clear all chapter 5 missions at Newtype difficulty.
    SD-EX Master (Bronze): Learn SDEX.
    Version Up (Bronze): Unlock Builders Parts.
    Introduction to Builders Parts (Bronze): Get additional parts.
    New Comrade (Bronze): Enlist additional character.
    Evolving Power (Bronze): Unlock Awaken ability.
    W-What are you...? (Bronze): Unlock new machine.
    Show me the performance of your new Gunpla! (Bronze): Use the Awaken ability.
    Monolith Breaker (Bronze): Destroy the monolith.
    Target Eliminated (Bronze): Destroy the enemy's core.
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