Score Rush Extended



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Collide (Bronze): Kill enemy with collision.
    Slow (Bronze): Move with slowdown for 1 minute.
    MAD (Bronze): Survive 5 minutes without launching nuke.
    Extra Life (Bronze): Collect a 1UP.
    Quickie (Bronze): Kill a boss in under 10 seconds.
    Ammo (Bronze): Shoot 500,000 bullets in a single game.
    Max Power (Bronze): Max out main gun firepower.
    Squadron (Bronze): Have 3 fighters in reserve (collect a 1UP without dying) in SINGLE PLAYER + SOLO PLAY mode.
    Pacifist (Bronze): Survive 1 minute without shooting.
    Coalesce (Bronze): Coalesce 50% of trailing options (collect 16).
    Big Game (Bronze): Kill boss for 20 million points.
    Snake (Bronze): Max out trailing options (collect 32).
    Bullet Hell (Bronze): Witness 1,000 enemy bullets at once.
    Conquer (Silver): Beat BOSS RUSH in any difficulty.
    Mastered (Gold): Beat SCORE RUSH in any difficulty.
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