Stories: The Path Of Destinies

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Gray fox is my pup (Platinum): You have explored the Path of Destinies.
    New reader (Bronze): You have opened the book for the first time.
    Excalibur? Nah! (Bronze): Craft a magical sword (Firestorm, Winterthorne or Void Blade).
    What does the fox choose? (Bronze): Make your first choice.
    Finders keepers (Bronze): Open 10 small chests.
    Anger management (Bronze): Destroy 100 inanimate objects.
    The Good, the Bad and the Grunt (Bronze): Get rid of 75 Raven Grunts.
    What magic? (Bronze): Slice 50 Raven Warlocks in two.
    Is it a Grunt? In a can? (Bronze): Show 25 Shield Ravens that the best defence is actually offence.
    Boom to your doom (Bronze): Help 25 Explosive Ravens do just that.
    Close your eye (Bronze): Put 25 Predators to sleep. The eternal kind.
    Family jewels (Bronze): Find your first gem.
    Explorer (Bronze): Curiosity never killed anyone right? Open your first secondary path.
    Show me your moves (Bronze): Achieve a 30 hit combo.
    Get over here! (Bronze): Bring 50 enemies closer to you.
    You know nothing Arctic Fox! (Bronze): Get hooked by spending your first skill point.
    Spin to win (Bronze): Roundabouts are fun, but not too much.
    I'm no rookie! (Silver): Remember your old talents by spending 15 skill points.
    Masamune is for melancholic bad guys (Silver): Take your sword back to the forge to improve it.
    Boreas discoverer (Silver): Let's see what's out there. Set foot on every island of Boreas.
    Bling master (Silver): Ooooh, shiny! Find a level 3 gem.
    The Crows and the Fox (Silver): Pick the feathers off 500 dead Ravens.
    Paleontologist (Silver): Do "research" on each type of enemy. With your sword.
    Is it a sword? Is it a key? (Silver): Use each sword to open a different door.
    Tough cookie (Silver): Die a maximum of 5 times in a story.
    C-C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker! (Silver): Achieve a 60 hit combo.
    Old fox new tricks (Silver): Use every trick in the book during a combat encounter.
    Running out of pockets (Silver): Open 50 small chests and find space for all those goodies.
    Taking care of yourself (Silver): Be careful and finish a level without taking damage from start to finish, after obtaining the book.
    Unreal treasures (Silver): Look for fabulous treasures in 25 epic chests.
    Bookworm (Gold): You have discovered all intel the book could show you.
    Hanzo would like these (Gold): Forge all swords and make them as best as you can.
    Sword Fu Master (Gold): Once all knowledge you have, rewarded you will be.

Additionally, there are five secret trophies:

    She's no Carmelita (Bronze): Find out more about Zenobia's behaviour.
    The Rabbit was the murderer! (Bronze): Discover Lapino's little secret.
    Kurama in a shiny stone (Bronze): Follow the Iblis Stone's voice to learn its goal.
    It's like a small Death Star (Bronze): Find out why the Skyripper was so well hidden.
    True Hero (Gold): Make all the right choices.
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