Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Wanderer (Platinum): Collect every other trophy in Wander.
    Lightseeker (Bronze): Unlock the fireflies.
    Top of the World (Silver): First time reaching the top of floating island.
    Protector of the Skies (Bronze): Unlock Griffin form.
    Warden of the Forests (Bronze): Unlock Hira form.
    Denizen of the Deep (Bronze): Unlock Azertash form.
    Perfect Balance (Gold): Unlock all four forms.
    Aviator (Silver): Fly to another island without landing or swimming.
    Daredevil (Silver): Sky dive onto a Griffin from a floating island.
    Base Jumper (Silver): Sky dive onto a Griffin from Tower City.
    Risktaker (Bronze): Sky dive onto one Griffin from another.
    Dizzy (Bronze): Execute all four Skydiving tricks in a single freefall.
    Skywalker (Gold): Complete all other Skydiving trophies.
    Fleet of Flight (Bronze): Gain more than 500m altitude via thermals.
    Lore-Seeker (Bronze): 25 lorestones collected.
    Storyteller (Silver): 50 lorestones collected.
    Historian (Gold): 75 lorestones collected.
    Frequent Flyer (Gold): Spend half an hour in flight without landing.
    Spelunk! (Bronze): Explore ten different caves.
    Humble Beginnings (Bronze): First time visiting the lore cave.
    Cave of Wonders (Bronze): Discover a cave on a floating island.
    Who put this here? (Silver): Find Disophyros Chloroxylon in a place where it does not belong.
    First Words (Bronze): Unlock and successfully use five communication glyphs.
    Conversationalist (Silver): Unlock and successfully use ten communication glyphs.
    Linguist (Gold): Unlock and successfully use thirty communication glyphs.
    City of Kings (Bronze): First time swimming inside of Tower City.
    Pruney Fingers (Bronze): Spend an hour swimming.
    Catbus! (Silver): Gain passenger as Griffin.
    Birdwatcher (Bronze): Find Griffin's nesting cave.
    Cartographer (Silver): Visit every area of the first island.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Tongue-Tied (Bronze): Enter unknown communication glyph 100 times.
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