Woah Dave!



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Pennies From Heaven! (Bronze): Earn your first penny!
    Pass the Buck (Bronze): Collect one hundred pennies!
    2 Buck Chuck (Bronze): Collect two hundred pennies!
    Three Dollar Dave! (Bronze): Collect three hundred pennies!
    Four Big Bills! (Bronze): Collect four hundred pennies!
    ABRAHAAAAAAAM! (Bronze): Collect five hundred pennies!
    Call Me Aaron Burr (Gold): Collect one thousand pennies!
    Don't Even Bat an Eye (Bronze): Hit an Eyebat!
    Xenophobe (Bronze): Kill a UFO!
    Boom Shakka Lakka! (Bronze): Kill 10 or more enemies with 1 Woah Block!
    Hot Woah on Woah Action! (Bronze): Destroy a Woah Block with another Woah Block!

Additionally, there are five secret trophies:

    Woah No, UFO! (Bronze): Let a Woah Block get blasted by a UFO!
    I'm not saying it was Aliens... (Bronze): Let two platforms get blasted by UFOs!
    Beam Me Up, Dave! (Bronze): Get killed by a UFO beam!
    Right in the Toilet! (Bronze): Throw a Woah Block in the Lava!
    Poo! (Bronze): Enter POO as your initials!
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