Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap


Cheat mode

Enter "WE5T ONE" at the Retro Password entry screen after selecting "New Game" to start as Hu-man with all hearts, full inventory, and 900k gold.

Play as Wonder Girl

At the title screen, scroll up until the title of the game is highlighted. Select "Confirm" to switch between Wonder Boy and Wonder Girl.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Meka Dragon (Bronze): Slew the Meka Dragon.
    Mummy Dragon (Bronze): Slew the Mummy Dragon.
    Dragon Zombie (Bronze): Slew the Dragon Zombie.
    Captain Dragon (Bronze): Slew the Captain Dragon.
    Daimyo Dragon (Bronze): Slew the Daimyo Dragon.
    Vampire Dragon (Silver): Slew the Vampire Dragon.
    Hard Earned (Gold): Cleared the game (Hard mode).

Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

    The Lizard-Man Stone (Bronze): Found Charm Stone in Lizard-Man's secret location.
    The Mouse-Man Stone (Bronze): Found Charm Stone in Mouse-Man's secret location.
    The Piranha-Man Stone (Bronze): Found Charm Stone in Piranha-Man's secret location.
    The Lion-Man Stone (Bronze): Found Charm Stone in Lion-Man's secret location.
    The Hawk-Man Stone (Bronze): Found Charm Stone in Hawk-Man's secret location.
    The Hu-Man Stone (Bronze): Found Charm Stone in Hu-Man's secret location.
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