Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    King of the Games (Bronze): Defeat Classic Campaign.
    Valedictorian (Bronze): Defeat GX Campaign.
    Duel Runner (Bronze): Defeat 5Ds Campaign.
    High Five the Sky (Bronze): Defeat ZEXAL Campaign.
    Sacrifice (Bronze): Perform a Tribute Summon.
    Coalesce (Bronze): Perform a Fusion Summon.
    Ultimate Form (Bronze): Perform an Xyz Summon.
    Tuned in (Bronze): Perform a Synchro Summon.
    Chronomancer (Bronze): Perform a Pendulum Summon.
    Casual Duelist (Bronze): Win an unranked multiplayer match (duel).
    Playing For Real (Bronze): Win a ranked multiplayer match (duel).
    Battle Tested (Bronze): Win a Battle Pack match (duel).
    Master Collector (Bronze): Unlock all avatars.
    Master Duelist (Bronze): Win All Duelist Challenges.
    Damage Dealer (Bronze): Deal 200k in Direct Damage.
    Effect Elitist (Bronze): Deal 100k in Effect Damage.
    Reflect Rager (Bronze): Deal 50k in Reflective Damage.
    Chain Champion (Bronze): Chain 100 times.
    The Duelist Begins (Bronze): Create your first deck.
    Curator (Bronze): Create 5 decks.
    Forbidden One (Bronze): Win a duel by having all Exodia cards in hand.
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