Lord Of Arcana

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Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding title:

    Celebrity Lifestyle: Collect over 500,000 gold.
    Dancing Swordlight: Defeat a Grendel-type monster 30 times.
    Dragon Hegemony: Defeat 30 or more Bahamut-type monsters.
    Dragonier: Defeat 15 or more Bahamut-type monsters.
    Embracing Risk: Defeat a Grendel-type monster 5 times.
    Emperor: Defeat 15 or more Vermilion-type monsters.
    Explorer of Eternity: Successfully complete 100 quests.
    Explorer of the Abyss: Successfully complete 50 quests.
    Fire Spinner: Defeat 30 or more Agni-type monsters.
    Giant: Defeat 30 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters.
    Grace Under Pressure: Defeat 5 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters.
    Gravity: Defeat 15 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters.
    Heavenly Ruler: Defeat 5 or more Bahamut-type monsters.
    Impervious Soul: Defeat a Seigfried-type monster 5 times.
    Knight: Defeat a Seigfried-type monster 15 times.
    Poison-Eater: Defeat 5 or more Azdaja-type monsters.
    Scarlet King: Defeat 30 or more Vermilion-type monsters.
    Shattering Soul: Defeat a Nidhogg-type monster 5 times.
    Slashing Soul: Defeat 5 or more Vermilion-type monsters.
    Soul Of Fire: Defeat 5 or more Agni-type Monsters.
    Two-Headed: Defeat 30 or more Azdaja-type monsters.
    Viper: Defeat 15 or more Azdaja-type monsters.
    Volcano: Defeat 15 or more Agni-type monsters.
    Warrior: Defeat a Grendel-type monster 15 times.

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