Fighting Illusion: K-1 Grand Prix

Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview

Game Shark Codes

P1 Infinite Energy800E5738 0C1C
800E573A 0C1C
P1 Cannot K.O800E5748 0000
P1 Infinite Punch Power800E573E 012F
P2 Infinite Energy800E5A14 0B90
800E5A16 0B90
P2 Cannot K.O800E5A24 0000
P2 Infinite Punch Power800E5A1A 0116
Infinite TP Points at K1 Challenge800A80FE 0299
Fatigue800A80F8 0000
Mental800A80FA 00??
Speed800A80F4 00??
Stamina800A80F0 00??
Rush Stamina800A80F2 00??
Defense Body800A80E8 00??
Offense Leg800A80E2 00??
Defense Leg800A80EA 00??
Combo Leg800A80EE 00??
Offense Arms800A80D4 00??
Combo Arms800A80EC 00??
Defense Head800A80E6 00??

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