NHL FaceOff 2000


Game Shark Codes

Home Team Score Modifier800CCFD6 00??
Away Team Score Modifier800CCFD8 00??
Character Creation Codes
Infinite Creation Points80159578 008E
8015BFB0 01C2
Max Skating/Desterity8015BF34 0063
Max Speed/Reflexes8015BF38 0063
Max Slap Shot Power/Aggression8015BF3C 0063
Max Shot Accuracy/Puck Control8015BF40 0063
Max Passing Ability/Size8015BF44 0063
Max Puck Handling/Angles8015BF48 0063
Max Endurance/Recover8015BF4C 0063
Max Aggression/Rebounds8015BF50 0063
Max Checking8015BF54 0063
Max Wrist Shot Power8015BF58 0063
Max Fighting8015BF5C 0063

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