Pocket Fighter

Strategy Guide


Play as Dan

On the character selection screen, highlight Ken and press Right.

Play as Gouki

On the character selection screen, highlight Ryu and press Left.

Game Shark Codes

P1 Infinite Energy801E1DF8 0090
P1 Infinite Strength801E2B3C 0090
P1 No Energy801E1DF8 0000
P1 No Strength801E2B3C 0000
P1 Infinite Red Gem Gauge801E1F12 0200
P1 Infinite Yellow Gem Gauge301E1F14 0002
P1 Infinite Blue Gem Gauge301E1F15 0002
P1 Infinite Mighty Combo Gauge801E1F18 0900
P1 Item Modifer801E1F50 000?
P2 Infinite Energy801E20E0 0090
P2 Infinite Strength801E2B3E 0090
P2 No Energy801E20E0 0000
P2 No Strength801E2B3E 0000
P2 Infinite Red Gem Gauge801E21FA 0200
P2 Infinite Yellow Gem Gauge301E21FC 0002
P2 Infinite Blue Gem Gauge301E21FD 0002
P2 Infinite Mighty Combo Gauge801E2200 0900
P2 Item Modifer801E2238 000?
Have Ring Card301FE55A 0001
Have Braclet Card301FE55B 0001
Have Mirror Card301FE55C 0001
Have Hot Drink Card301FE55D 0001
Have Badge Card301FE55E 0001
Have Book Card301FE55F 0001
Have Sandals Card301FE560 0001
Have Medal Card301FE561 0001
Have Headband Card301FE562 0001
Have Wristband Card301FE563 0001
Have Handcuffs Card301FE564 0001
Have Memory Card301FE565 0001
Have Ribbon Card301FE566 0001
Have Document Card301FE567 0001
Have Servant Card301FE568 0001
Have Lipstick Card301FE569 0001
Have Charm Card301FE56A 0001
Have Weapons Card301FE56B 0001
Have Cat Tail Card301FE56C 0001
Have Gloves Card301FE56D 0001
Have Jar Card301FE56E 0001
Have Big Bag Card301FE56F 0001
Have Footwear Card301FE570 0001
Have Frog Food Card301FE571 0001
Have Pants Card301FE572 0001
Have Bear Fur Card301FE573 0001
Have Great Book Card301FE574 0001
Have Dad's Book Card301FE575 0001
Have Bead Card301FE576 0001
Have Powder Card301FE577 0001
Have Dragon Tear Card301FE578 0001
Have Dragon Gem Card301FE579 0001
Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes

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