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Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted after the credits. You can start a new game session and keep the items obtained during your previous game.

Infinite battery power

Successfully complete the game. Then, purchase the energy saving part for the Tsubaki MkIII for 999,999 LB from Naomi to get unlimited battery power.

Assassination missions

Successfully complete the odd jobs given at the Job Center to unlock the Assassination missions.

Bitter mode

Successfully complete the game on the Sweet or Mild difficulty setting, and save when prompted after the credits to unlock the Bitter difficulty setting.

Pure White Giant Glastonbury mini-game

Go back to the motel, select your television, and win the Rank 04 battle to unlock the Pure White Giant Glastonbury mini-game.

Shirt 00

Successfully complete the game to unlock Shirt 00.

Alternate ending sequence

Successfully complete the game with all Beam Katanas collected to view an alternate ending. Note: If you did not have them all at the end of the game, return to Santa Destroy. Obtain the Beam Katanas, then return to a bathroom to view the alternate ending.

Control loading star icon

When the loading star icon appears at the bottom right of the screen, tap B repeatedly to make it jump towards the top of the screen. If you do it fast enough, the star will begin to continuously wrap around the screen and change color with each revolution.

Motorcycle controls

There are hidden actions with a Wii-mote that can be used to control the motorcycle:

    Jump: Tilt the Wii-mote up while riding at full speed.
    Quick turn: Use the brakes suddenly while tilting the Wii-mote to the left or right.
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