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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Uber Commissioner (35 points): Complete three drafts.
    Draft Experts (35 points): Complete a draft in under two hours.
    IDP (10 points): Draft an individual defensive player.
    Mega Run. (35 points): The same position must be drafted for an entire round.
    Mr. Commissioner (10 points): Complete a draft.
    Take The Field. (5 points): Import a league draft from
    That Was Fast. (10 points): Upload the results of a league draft to the website.
    Deep Sleeper (10 points): Draft a player or team ranked over 500 overall.
    Timeout. (5 points): Turn the Draft Clock off.
    Early Rounds (5 points): Complete 10 rounds of a draft.
    Late Rounds (35 points): Complete 30 rounds of a draft.
    Videographer (5 points): Trigger a highlight video during a draft.
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