Sam And Max Save The World

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Culture Shock (20 points): Complete Episode 1 - "Culture Shock".
    Situation: Comedy (20 points): Complete Episode 2 - "Situation: Comedy".
    The Mole, Mob, and the Meatball (20 points): Complete Episode 3 - "The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball".
    Abe Lincoln Must Die! (20 points): Complete Episode 4 - "Abe Lincoln Must Die!".
    Reality 2.0 (20 points): Complete Episode 5 - "Reality 2.0".
    Bright Side of the Moon (20 points): Complete Episode 6 - "Bright Side of the Moon".
    Saved The World! (30 points): Complete all episodes of Sam & Max Save the World.
    Unicornucopia (10 points): Heard 10 different comments about your unicorn.
    Improviser (10 points): In Episode 2, achieve six different cow identities that Mr Featherly will play along with.
    Master Whacker (10 points): In Episode 3, get a perfect score on Whack-Da-Ratz.
    Easter Bunny (10 points): In Episode 4, find the Easter Egg.
    Mightier than the Sword (10 points): In Episode 5, attempt to chop up everything in the text adventure with your +2 sword.
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