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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Recombination (10 points): Do 10 combo attacks.
    It's all in the reflexes (10 points): Do 5 parries.
    Saw that one coming (20 points): Do 50 dodges.
    Brace yourself (15 points): Do 25 blocks.
    Hand is quicker (15 points): Cast magic 5 times.
    Stay on target (10 points): Do a bonus combo attack.
    Traveling without moving (15 points): Do 5 super moves.
    Red wedding (20 points): Do 5 stab attacks.
    Finshing the job (10 points): Do a mega hit.
    Like water off a duck (15 points): Do a great parry.
    Don't give an inch (15 points): Do a perfect block.
    Aegis (100 points): Siris reaches level 25.
    Now I am the master (15 points): Master an item.
    Folding steel (10 points): Upgrade an item.
    Forgemaster (100 points): Upgrade an item to level 6.
    Diamonds are forever (10 points): Fuse a new gem.
    This is my family label (10 points): Cook a potion.
    Home-brewed (5 points): Use a crafted potion.
    High roller (20 points): Use a prize wheel.
    Hunt and gather (30 points): Collect 30 potion ingredients.
    Steady supplier (10 points): Buy 3 items from the merchant.
    Empire building (50 points): Acquire 1,000,000 gold.
    Untouchable (40 points): Finish a fight with a Light Weapon without Siris taking damage.
    Unstoppable (40 points): Finish a fight with a Heavy Weapon without Siris taking damage.
    Unyielding (40 points): Finish a fight with a Dual Weapon without Siris taking damage.
    Bash of the Titans (80 points): Defeat 100 Titans.
    Slash Gordon (20 points): Do 50 slash attacks.
    Perfect form (50 points): Do 50 perfect parries.
    Godking killer (5 points): Chapter 1 completed.
    Never end (50 points): Game completed.
    High level item (30 points): Obtain a level 4 item.
    Master of sports (100 points): Burned 10000 energy.
    Vigorous body (10 points): Do 5 dodges.
    Impregnable fortress (20 points): Do 25 parries.
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