Minecraft Glitches: Uncover Hidden Aspects of the Game and Boost Your Survival Skills

Minecraft Glitches

Minecraft Glitches: Uncover Hidden Aspects of the Game and Boost Your Survival Skills

Throughout its history, Minecraft has had hundreds, if not thousands, of glitches that players have exploited. With dozens being discovered each week, it’s no wonder that there is a dedicated forum specifically for bugs and glitches. This article will review some of the best glitches you can use in Minecraft right now. But enough talk, let’s jump into these glitches so you can easily survive the unforgiving world of Minecraft.  

X-Ray Vision (Bedrock 1.20) 

Using X-ray glitches has been around since the beginning of Minecraft. Players always find new ways to glitch themselves into the ground and see the mines below. Not only does it allow for finding new cave passages or caverns, but it also allows players to find ores like diamonds sitting in plain sight. This X-ray glitch is one of the latest ones that should work on your Bedrock edition. 

Required BlocksSlab, Block, Piston, Lever, Top Snow. (Optional Items: Potion of Night Vision & Spyglass) 

Follow the steps below to glitch into the ground:

  1. In any location and coordinate, dig a hole two blocks deep. 
  2. Place the slab block on the bottom of that hole and jump inside it. 
  3. In front of you, break the top two blocks in a straight line. Make sure the bottom two blocks are still there. 
  4. Place a piston on the furthest block from you in that gap. The piston face must be facing you. 
  5. Place a (solid) block of your choice in front of the piston.
  6. On top of the piston, place the lever.   
  7. Optional: Use the Potion of Night Vision.
  8. Activate the lever so the block is pushed into your character. 
  9. Once the block is inside you, place the top snow layer on top of the block.
  10. You should now be able to see underground. If you used the Potion of Night Vision, everything should be bright and light.
  11. Optional: Use the Spyglass to look closer in the mines to find ores, gems, and mobs. 

Tips and Tricks

While using the potion and spyglass is optional, they help a lot if you want to find specific items. You should also perform the glitch while inside a cave or on a lower coordinate, as you will be closer to ores and items.  

Minecraft Glitches

Infinite Fuel (Java 1.20)

Fuel is one of those things that no player can get enough of in Minecraft. It can be a hassle to be working on a large project and have to take an intermission to search for coal or chop down trees for fuel. This glitch gets rid of any more fuel-farming methods.

Required BlocksSlime block (minimum 2), Sticky Piston, Lever, Observer, Carpet, Blocks (any solid blocks).

Follow the steps below to get infinite fuel:

  1. Stack two solid blocks in front of you. Break the bottom block so the top one is floating in the air.  
  2. On top of the solid block, place a sticky piston. Make sure it’s facing outwards. 
  3. On the sticky piston, place a slime block. Place another slime block on top of the first slime block. 
  4. Place an observer on the solid block. Make sure it is underneath the slime block connected to the sticky piston. 
  5. Place a lever on the solid block. It can be in any position.
  6. Place the carpet on top of the sticky piston.
  7. Turn the lever on and off. The machine should start rapidly shooting out the carpet.
  8. Use the unlimited carpet it produces as fuel. 

Tips and Tricks

Once the carpet begins shooting out, it’s best to create a small net with blocks to catch all of them. Placing a hopper and a wooden chest should collect all of them on the bottom of the net, making it easy to store and access. It will also guarantee the carpet doesn’t despawn.  

Minecraft Glitches

Infinite Experience (Bedrock 1.20)

There are many ways players have found to get unlimited EXP in Minecraft, each one just as creative as the last. However, these methods usually require large farms to be built in a specific manner, so you’ll have a lot of resources and time. But what about players who just want unlimited EXP right now? Well, if you know the location of a deep, dark cave biome, this trick is for you. Perhaps using the X-ray glitch from before can help you find one. 

Required ItemsSilk Touch Hoe, Sculk Block    

Follow the steps below to get unlimited experience:

  1. Travel to the deep dark. 
  2. Use the silk touch hoe to break sculk blocks.
  3. Pick up the experience points dropped.
  4. Place the mined sculk blocks back down.
  5. Break them again. 
  6. Rinse and repeat. 

Tips and Tricks

This method is a more hands-on approach, as other large contraptions will work even if you are AFK. However, the required items are minimal, and if you just need a bit of EXP for an enchantment, it can be faster than building something like a mob farm.  

Item Duplication (Bedrock 1.20)

This last glitch is one of the most complex methods in Minecraft but offers the best reward. Instead of getting unlimited fuel or experience, this glitch allows for unlimited amounts of any item. The only drawback is that you’ll need the End portal, so if you haven’t found one yet, start grinding for those Eye of Enders. 

Required Blocks64x Cobblestone, 32x Ladders, Water Bucket (filled), Chest (single), Sticky Piston, Lever, Bed, and items you want to duplicate.     
Minecraft Glitches

Follow the steps below to duplicate items:

  1. By your End portal, place down a bed and set your spawn to that location. 
  2. Take the portal to the End.
  3. Go to the island’s edge and build outwards with the cobblestone blocks. Build out enough to where there is no land underneath you. It should be completely black. 
  4. Place your water down on the last cobblestone block and have it fall into the abyss below.
  5. Slowly and carefully take the water downwards, building cobblestone blocks underneath the last block as you go.   
  6. Once you reach a Y-level of 16, place a cobblestone block beneath you as a platform to stand on.
  7. Ride the water back to the top and remove the flowing water by placing a block on the source. 
  8. Place ladders down the cobblestone blocks until you reach the platform below.
  9. Use a third-party mod or the website chunkbase.com to visualize where the chunk borders are. Simply enter your location and coordinates.  
  10. Build outwards again with the cobblestone until you reach the edge of the chunk border. The last block should be in-between borders so that the next block you place would be in the new border. 
  11. Place a chest on the final block (the one in between borders).
  12. Place a sticky piston down next to it so that it faces the chest and can push it into the new border. 
  13. Behind the sticky piston, place a lever. 
  14. Activate the lever. The chest should be pushed into the new border. 
  15. Place the items you want to duplicate into the chest. 
  16. Save and quit the game. 
  17. Wait 1 minute if in single-player and 5 minutes in realms. 
  18. Spawn back in your world.
  19. Active the lever again so the chest is back in its original location. 
  20. Leave the End. 
  21. Once you are back by your bed, save and quit again. 
  22. Wait the same time as you did before.
  23. Spawn back in the world and take the End portal. Go back to the chest; two chests should now be sitting there.
  24. Open both of them and take the duplicated items.

Tips and Tricks

While this is more complicated, following these steps will give you unlimited items. It’s best to keep the items you want duplicated in a chest by your bed just in case you fall and die. If the glitch isn’t working, ensure you use Bedrock and wait for the correct time. There should also be no one in the world, so if you use realms, it must be empty.   

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